Couldn’t undo the spell

“Well master?” The genie asked as a smile broke across Adam’s face as he fondled his new tits.

“Well… it is better.” He said bashfully.

“I did warn you that my wishes couldn’t directly undo your ex-girlfriend’s spell.” The genie replied.

“Uh huh.” Adam said, distracted. He looked down past his tits and really saw his new womanhood for the first time. “Woah.”

“Woah, indeed.” The genie replied calmly. “After wishing for your ex to become the bitch she is, and for yourself to no longer have the micropenis she cursed you with, you have one wish remaining.”

Adam looked up and glanced out the window. He caught sight of his ex and his dog Max getting a lot more familiar with each other. Serves her right. When they were dating he always had to take care of her anyways. Admittedly that would involve a lot more poop scooping now, but at least she wouldn’t be able to torment him anymore.

And seeing Max totally dominating his new bitch was giving Adam a few ideas about his own new body…

“I suppose making a wish to undo the part of her spell that made me a nudist might also backfire.” Adam said. He might end up an animal too, after all, then he’d still be naked, but no longer nude. It had been a bitch of a curse, giving him a micropenis and forcing him to display it all the time.

“Probably.” The genie said and shrugged.

“At least I’m hot now. I bet being a nudist chick is going to be a lot of fun.” Adam said, thinking out loud.

“Your last wish master?” The genie asked impatiently.

“Umm… I wish for an ice cream sandwich?” Adam said.

“Granted.” The genie said. There was a puff of smoke and Adam was somewhere else, and felt very different. He could feel two things moving in and out of him and it felt really good. He blinked and realized his body was pinned between two black guys, getting DPed. He’d only gone upstairs.

“Ohhhh!” Adam moaned at the sensation of a cock in his pussy and ass at the same time. He’d just wanted the dessert, but he had to admit he was liking this kind of ice cream sandwich a lot more. If he ever saw that genie again he’d have to thank him.


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