You’re Joking Right… Right?!

Ted said feeling weird after accidentally tripping the stripper, “Nice tits, your joking right? I don’t have any tits, you must be high, ha, ha!”

“Ted, those weights you feel on your chest, and that long hair you feel around your face, um that’s a part of your change, since you made the stripper trip and break her ankle, you are now going to be her replacement for the foreseeable future! Now Teresa, get up those stairs and dance,” said the boss of the strip club, Jed.

Ted looked down at his exposed breasts, then reached for his crotch with his new dainty manicured fingers, and screamed a female scream, as his new voice took hold of him completing his change from male customer to female dancer.

Jed said, “Ok, ok, we get it you’re freaked out. Well get your round ass up those stairs and shake it or my bouncer’s here will throw you out on the street with no ID, and no one will ever believe you were Ted. Want to try your luck in the city looking like that and dressed like that Teresa? I didn’t think so, now get up there and replace Vanessa, and you better be good!”

The new Teresa pranced up the stairs nearly breaking her own ankle in those new stripper heels, as tears rolled down her face messing up her makeup a bit. As she shook her new large round ass and large round tits on stage, as the men catcalled her, she realized she had made a big mistake tripping that girl by accident, and one she might be paying for a long time to come. And she hadn’t just yet be asked to work overtime in the VIP room backstage yet either!


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