The Visit (7)

Mandy: “Did you see the pic?”

Dad: “O.O …Umm… Wow… THAT’S Ray?… THAT’S the my wimpy, nerdy nephew that couldn’t get a girl if he tried?…”

Mandy: “I don’t think he was ever interested in being WITH girls. He wanted to BE a girl.”

Dad: “What the hell are you talking about?”

Mandy: “When he realized Grandma was going to do the same thing to him that she did to the rest of us… he actually was ttly okay with it.”

Dad: ???

Mandy: “Yeah, ikr? Who knew? She even named herself as soon as she changed. She calls herself ‘Amelia’ now. I think she already came up with that name a long time ago. Isn’t that so cute?”

Dad: “This is insane!”

Mandy: “But she’s happy now! She feels so sexy! I think she’s finally the person that she always wanted to be.”

Dad: “Fine, whatever, but the rest of you are getting changed back as soon as I get there tomorrow! Do you understand me?”

Mandy: “Um, I don’t think so. Grandma says that if you have sex with boys then the spell will be permanent, and guess what?… Me, Tammy, and Toni took Tilly, Jackie, and Amelia’s phones and texted every guy in our contacts to come over. I’m gonna make sure that we ALL get boyfriends!”

Dad: “Randy Jefferson Sinclair, I FORBID you to touch any boys, goddammit!”

Mandy: “Oops, gotta go daddy. I just heard the doorbell…” 😉


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