You mean it?

Stan looked down shyly at his tits and then looked up at his wife, who was now his husband thanks to a misspoken wish. He took a deep breath, feeling his heartbeat racing in his new bosom. The old medallion she’d been wearing must’ve done this! Still, he felt the excitement of womanhood, which was more pleasurable than he’d ever imagined.

“You really mean it, honey? Do you still want me?” he said, and his heart fluttered again and he was suddenly aware of his tits, which hung prominently and made him feel exposed. He felt like pulling his black overshirt to hide his cleavage but his wife (well, now husband) stopped him with one look.

Yolanda leaned back, smiled, and flexed her new cock, which was erect and pointed at him. He recognized the spots on it but they didn’t matter anymore because now he wore his wife’s freckles and red hair. “Don’t ask redundant questions. Does this reassure you, sugar? Because I love you and always will, no matter what body you are in. Just shut up and ride me, you silly girl. It’s time you learned about your assets and responsibilities. You are mine now and that’s all I care about.”

“But I’m not wearing protection and not on the pill, and we don’t have condoms. Don’t you think that maybe we could….” Stan stammered as he reached down to feel the emptiness at his crotch.

“Shut up and listen to me. Didn’t you keep telling me you wanted a baby? How you really truly wanted to experience parenthood? Well now, you can be mother.”

“Okay…please give it to me.”


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