Terry was worried as he waited for his wife Melanie to come home. She’d left the house mad at him and changed him into a daughter with some Wiccan spell, saying she’d wanted a daughter for a long time and now he was perfect material for it, seeing how he had never been a good husband.

“Please come home, Melly” he panted, for he couldn’t stand anymore being a hot-haired redhead girl with hair flowing down to his breasts and a wet crotch and he wanted a release. As he looked in the mirror, he begged, “Please come home and turn me back, for I’m sorry for being a bad husband and I wanna be better from now on.” He put his hands on the small of his back to steady the weight of his tits, which were not especially large but still almost intolerable because he didn’t grow up with them and had no experience carrying them. Put on a bra? Panties? Forget it! He was a man, the man of the house, no matter what his witch of a wife thought!

But as he stood there naked waiting for Melanie to return from the office, he applied some lipstick and makeup for his cheeks and face so she’d have a good look at him when she came back. What he didn’t know was that his wife in his body was now in the hospital due to some freak car accident. When she made it back home, she’d forgotten the words of the spell.

Now Terry was truly fucked, and in fact he would be for the rest of his life. Should he put on some undergarments? A skirt? He took another look in the mirror and sighed while picking up the panties that were now his, no now HERS as Terri, the dutiful and nubile daughter of his former wife, who was now his mother.

One more forlorn look in the mirror to remind him of what he’d lost, but now he had to put on a blouse and skirt and go downstairs for his classes. He was a schoolgirl after all.


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