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What’s It Like

Last night I made a stupid wish on a shooting star (I know, of all things?). I just wanted to know what it was like to be in the pants of the cute girl at the bar that night. However my wish seemed to have been misinterpreted. So, of course, I invited my best friend over to see her-or I guess my, new body:
“So what’s it like having boobs?” he asked me. I knew I should have expected a response like that, but it still caught me a little off-guard.
“I don’t know, what’s it like having a dick?!” I snapped back, covering my mouth after realizing what I had said.
“That’s not fair! You used to have one you already know that!” he said, his eyes unable to move from my perky breasts.
“…No, I don’t…” I said slowly, realizing I couldn’t remember anything about having my male form. “The only thing I remember having down there is my pussy. I can remember my first…” I swallowed hard. “Period… I remember the girl I first had sex with, but I can’t remember doing anything with her. All the memories involving my former male parts are just gone.”
I sat down, and looked solemnly at him. I only remembered this form, my female form. My boobs, my vagina, my ass, my hips, my curves. I can even remember how to put on a bra, something I had never had to do before. But, wait, what am I saying? Of course I had to do it before. I’ve had to do it every day since middle school! My breasts may not be that big, but they came to me pretty early.
And speaking of the girls, my boyfriend’s eyes haven’t left them since I took my clothes off. I think maybe it’s time I let him get a closer view…

You mean it?

Stan looked down shyly at his tits and then looked up at his wife, who was now his husband thanks to a misspoken wish. He took a deep breath, feeling his heartbeat racing in his new bosom. The old medallion she’d been wearing must’ve done this! Still, he felt the excitement of womanhood, which was more pleasurable than he’d ever imagined. Read more

Freckles can spread

The first freckles appeared on Freddie’s left hand. He wasn’t that worried, even though his skin was normally even – he had been out in the sun a little more than usual. But when he noticed his hand had become more slender, he became concerned. As his other hand and arms began to freckle up and become thinner, he made appointments with dermatologists and specialists in cancer. No-one could give advice; it was unprecedented. Freddie withdrew, stopping indoors. Read more