You are the winner

“Wouldn’t you want not to worry about money ever again?” a random man with a microphone asked me while walking on the street. “Sure. Who wouldn’t?” I said. “Great answer! You are our lucky winner!” the man said. A camera crew came out of nowhere, music started playing, they took pictures of me, they gave me some papers “you just have to sign here and here”, I went through with it. Then a limo showed up, “This limo is the start of your journey, your new life. It will take you to the airport, where you will travel in a private plane to europe! Once again congratulations!” the man said as I entered the limo.

Once inside, a couple of girls started undressing me, “what is this?” I asked them. “shh! don’t say a word” one of the girls said. Then they gave me a long white shirt and helped me put it on. “It’s kind of thight” I said. They just giggled. Once I got to the airport, I went past security. The xray machine, was a little different, instead of just an archway, it was more of a tunnel. Once inside, I felt all kinds of electic shocks and pinches. Once outside, I lost my balance while trying to walk again. “what the hell?” I said with a higher pitched voice. I looked down, and my shirt looked more like a dress. It did really accentuate my breasts. “Wait I have breasts?” I asked myself.

“This way ma’am” a man said. I was guided to a plane. Where another man was waiting for me. We both boarded. “I hope you are comfortable” he said. “Yes… but I am confused…” I said, “I feel like something changed, but I don’t know what”. “Don’t worry, that feeling will pass in no time” he said. I felt some kind of attraction to him, like he was my boyfriend, or husband, or something. He handed me a cellphone. I didn’t give it much thought, “I just have to tell my parents I’m ok” I said as I texted them. Afterwards, we made love several times on our way to Europe. I started to talk with a fancy french accent. When we got to paris, I kissed my husband, we were happy we just came back from our honeymoon.


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