35 and still working it

James tired and weary from another night walking the street sat down on the bench to rest his weary feet and lit up a cigarette.

Feeling the warm metal of the bench on his firm buttocks and the cool morning air up his short dress as he sat their legs spread wide open.

He knew he probably should take his knickers out of his handbag and put them back on but he was still kind of sore and tender down there after spending another night screwing for his supper.

It had been over a year since he had his body stolen and was left with the body and the life of a prostitute.

Which he found hard to cope with at first especially the part where he had to screw men for money.

But after a year of doing that work he found he quite enjoyed it even if it was not the lifestyle he would have chosen for himself.

He flicked his cigarette to the ground pulled down the hem of his dress and walked back to his apartment to freshen and dressed up with me for his next night shift.


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