Watch Your Mouth or Use It for Something Else

Brent called Lee a cocksucker to his face, and Lee told him to watch his mouth, or he would be using it for something else. Brent called him a bitch then. Lee had enough, and knew some body swapping magic. He knew his neighbor Jenna wanted out of her life with her domineering husband Paul, but didn’t know how to get out of it. Lee would help her and get revenge on Brent too, poetic justice and freedom granted all at once from a simple body swap spell.

Lee muttered the spell, and Brent was about to ask what that was, when he blacked out. When he came too, he was staring at a huge shaft, with his mouth around it, squatting down, his chest heavy, his crotch wet, and his legs incased in something soft and silky and tight, as he felt it stretch over his legs from the squatting. His feet were up on stilts, and felt like they were in sandals. His hair felt longer too, covering his ears now, and he had bangs tickle his eyelids. His body just felt weird, but more pressing was the huge cock in his mouth. He was stunned but the strong hands on his head forced him to stay on it!

Eventually he managed to look up and see it was Paul, Lee’s neighbor, and domineering husband to Jenna, was he Mrs. Jenna Peters now? Was he sucking Paul Peters’ dick? Why was he turned on so much?! It turns out Brent was put in Jenna’s body as they were having makeup sex after an argument. Paul was forceful with her, the domineering husband of course, and now Brent was the dominated wife. He had called Lee a cocksucker, and now he, no SHE was doing just that with a man! He also called Lee a bitch, and now she was the bitch! She was Paul Peters’ bitch!

As Paul pushed Brent now Jenna off his manly rod, he came on her face! As the new Jenna received the load on her face, she shuddered in orgasm, but still disgusted at the same time. She remembered what Lee said about her using her mouth for something different after insulting him the first time, but he didn’t listen, and now look at him, a trophy wife receiving her husband’s hot cum.

Paul said to his wife, “Now clean up and get dressed, we are having a dinner party at our neighbor Lee’s house, and I want my wife to look good at my side. Now clean up bitch and get ready.”

Tears rolled down the new Jenna’s face as she realized what a life she was in now! She had to get ready as best she could, but didn’t know much about getting ready as a woman. She did so in fear of the domineering Paul who was known to hit!

Once they arrived at the party, Jenna in Brent’s body whispered in the new Jenna’s ear, “How does it feel to be with that asshole, I heard you were one yourself, so now you have my life with one. I hope you enjoy the rough sex, and his roughness on you, you’re the cocksucker and the bitch now, as you so eloquently called my friend Lee here earlier. Have a nice life Jenna Peters, enjoy your husband’s peter!

At that moment the new Jenna realized her big mouth got her in trouble, and now her big mouth would be used for other things as she was probably never changing back the way it seemed with the new Brent being satisfied in his status as a single man.


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