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TG Virus Pagent

You wouldn’t think I was once a man would you. I look like a girl. I speak like a girl. I act like a girl.
The victims of the TG virus pagent is all about celebrating people’s new found form. I’ve been told I’m picked to be this years winner. When I contracted the virus I was terribly alarmed. The doctors told me I only had four days remaining as a male. I was unsure how I would live after those four days had finished. I dreaded being a female, I didn’t see how I could live on the other side of the fence. Those four days were hard my body was gradually changing.
When it was all over I discovered that being a female isn’t that bad. I discovered that I was in fact quite beautiful. I fell in love with my new form. I loved shopping for new clothes to suit my body. It was always so fun. I learned how to apply make up expertly and do my hair stunningly.
When I saw a flyer about the pagent, I couldn’t resist. I spent all week planning how I would look. I bought my bikini and ensured it would display the best features of my body, especially my ass. I did my make up paying attention to every tiny detail. I looked in the mirror and decided that with an ass like my own, I couldn’t possibly lose.
I was so excited when I won. It confirmed to me that I loved being a girl and that I was better off this way.

You are the winner

“Wouldn’t you want not to worry about money ever again?” a random man with a microphone asked me while walking on the street. “Sure. Who wouldn’t?” I said. “Great answer! You are our lucky winner!” the man said. A camera crew came out of nowhere, music started playing, they took pictures of me, they gave me some papers “you just have to sign here and here”, I went through with it. Then a limo showed up, “This limo is the start of your journey, your new life. It will take you to the airport, where you will travel in a private plane to europe! Once again congratulations!” the man said as I entered the limo. Read more

I’ve got GREAT Stamina…

“Just make me cum” she says “and I can have my body back…” I’ve been sucking my own dick now for 45 minutes and “she” isn’t anywhere even CLOSE to cumming… If I don’t get my own body off in the next 15 minutes, I’m gonna be stuck like this for the next week… Read more

The Singles Cruise

I usually don’t enter contests but this was for a world cruise all expenses paid. Since I was over forty and not very rich it was a vacation that I could never afford. I was really happy when saw the envelope in my mail with the cruise ticket and details. The brochure said this was a singles cruise unlike any other. It promised that everyone would be getting lucky so I was encouraged. Until I got to the docks to board. All the passengers were old. I was one of the youngest at 46.
Still, it was a free trip and free food and drinks so I gave my ticket and was given a key to a cabin. They took my luggage for me and I decided to wander the ship. It was a nice set-up, there was a nightclub and restaurants and all sorts of game areas and activities.
When I got to my room there was luggage there but it didn’t look like mine. I was about to go find someone when the announcement came that we would be underway. I felt a shudder when the engines kicked in gear making my long hair (?) flop across my face. When I cleared it away it seemed like I was shorter. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and noticed that I had two perky breasts under my shirt.
Then I started to get new memories. I had just graduated high school and was taking a year off to travel before going to University. My name was Amanda Hale and my ID was in my luggage. I put on a bikini and changed into jean shorts and a t-shirt over it deciding it was a good time to check out the pool.
The cruise was amazing and they were not wrong. This youthful body had energy and hormones raging through it. The rest of the passengers we also transformed into young and hot people too. So the brochure was right. I brought back girls and boys every night to my cabin for marathon rounds of sex. I had a cute girl next door look that helped me get anyone I wanted.
When we stopped at the ports around the world I enjoyed jumping into bed with locals as much as seeing the sights. This was the best three weeks of my life.
When the cruise finally ended and it was time to leave there were two sets of luggage, mine and Amanda’s. I didn’t even hesitate for a second before grabbing Amanda’s stuff and heading off to enjoy my new life. I kept my old memories so I always had a reminder of just how lucky of a girl I really am and how thankful I am that I took a chance on a contest.
I am no longer planning on school, I’ve got a job on a cruise line and I like to ensure that the passengers I think are cute have a vacation they never forget.