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Schule der Erwachsenen 5

Daniel (14) hasste den Französischunterricht. Am liebsten hatte er diese dämliche Sprache abgewählt. Als das seltsame Licht die Schule traf, war auch eine Französische Ausstauschschülerin namens Madeleine (14) in seiner Klasse. Er machte sich oft über ihren starken Dialekt und ihr schlechtes Deutsch lustig. Er fand, dass sie sich wie eine kleine Nutte anhörte. Read more

Getting yourself a french maid

Kyle had a smirk on his face, watching Danielle dancing for him.
Oh , those bountiful breasts tantalizingly dangling before him. And those wide hips jutting from side to side.
He thought back to past events leading up to this exquisite situation when he hand his roommate Daniel made a bet. The loser would be transformed by the winner into a french maid and be forced to tidy the whole apartment. The spell would break when all of the apartment clean. Until then the loser would be stuck as an bimbo french maid with an appetite for sexy cleaning.
As soon as the spell had been cast Kyle quickly locked the door to one of the toilets and hid the key. As long as she wouldnt be able to get inside and clean she wouldn´t either transform back, and Kyle would be able to keep this sexy minx indefinitely.

Französischer Wein

Dominik hatte ein Vorstellungsgespräch in einer Fotoagentur.
Der Chef war eine gutaussehende junge Frau mit dem Namen Jasmin.
“Hallo Dominik, schön dich zu treffen“ sagte sie in einem freundlichen Ton. “Weißt du bereits worum es im Job geht?“ Read more

Those French Girls

My friend’s brother Samuel is visiting from out of town, as he usually does about once a year. I’m actually pretty jealous of him, as he lives in Paris, France, and he likes to flaunt it every chance he gets. I’m usually invited to dinner to catch up on what he’s been up to, and it’s always the same old thing. Read more

French Wine

Dominik had a job interview at a photo agency. The boss was a good looking young woman with the name Jasmin. Read more

A mistake

Henry stared in the full-length mirror and applied the gloss to his lips. “Perhaps I made a mistake,” he said to himself, although it was now beside the point. The fact was that he was now Antoinette, an imported French girl who wore black lingerie and who served the club before and after hours. Read more


“Oui” stöhnte Dominique auf französisch, als ihr ehemaliger Französischlehrer seinen Schwanz in ihre Pussy schob. Vor ein paar Stunden war sie noch ein deutscher Junge namens Dominik (15). Er hatte einen großen Fehler gemacht, als er sich im Französischunterricht über die französische Austauschschülerin Marie lustig machte. Nur wusste er nicht, dass sie eine Hexe war. In der Pause kam Marie zu Dominik und küsste ihn auf die Lippen. Read more

You are the winner

“Wouldn’t you want not to worry about money ever again?” a random man with a microphone asked me while walking on the street. “Sure. Who wouldn’t?” I said. “Great answer! You are our lucky winner!” the man said. A camera crew came out of nowhere, music started playing, they took pictures of me, they gave me some papers “you just have to sign here and here”, I went through with it. Then a limo showed up, “This limo is the start of your journey, your new life. It will take you to the airport, where you will travel in a private plane to europe! Once again congratulations!” the man said as I entered the limo. Read more