You are cordially invited

The patrol car came to a halt right outside a large house in the more fashionable area in town.
“I guess it´s here”, Malcolm said with a slightly jaded tone in his voice.
“Guess it is”, Sam agreed.

Loud music was blaring from large speakers that was placed in the windowsills all around the house. Drunk college kids littered the area. Trash was spread all over the place. Both of the police officers had been partying when they had been young but this was clearly getting out of hand.
Malcolm sighed. He hated trying to discuss with obstinate kids that had too much liquid courage in them.
But the neighbours complained and it had to be done.

Even though the door was open the officers ringed the bell and waited for someone to greet them at the door.
They noted, with great satisfaction, that more than one kid cooled down themselves when seeing the police officers in the doorway.

“Here they are!”, one college youth exclaimed with a drunken cheerful voice.
He turned around and shouted into another room: “Hey Hank! The strippers are here!”

“Strippers?”, Malcolm thought. This one needed to be set an example.He gave a slight nod to Sam who immediately understood what his partner meant.
They were just starting to move so they could grab him when another young man, with long hair, approached them.
“Fucking A! They will be perfect!”, he said with a mischevious smile. One of hands was holding a glowing green gem which he rubbed and then pointed at Malcolm and Sam.

Both of them began to feel uncomfortable. And hot. Really hot! They began to squirm a little in their uniforms, desperately trying to release the ever increasing heat that was building up inside of them.
“I don´t feel so well”, Sam uttered.
Malcolm was clenching his jaw trying to ignore the sensations in his body.

Their clothes was beginning to rearrange themselves on their bodies, becoming thinner, tighter and leaving areas unprotected where you could see their skin. It was like they were only wearing boxers, a pair of long socks and a shirt that revealed their hairy chests the present college kids.

Malcolm couldn´t resist any longer. His body was in open revolt against him.
It was shaking badly, like he had the chills.
His skin, it felt like it moved around.
He felt how it began to feel tight in lots of places, and bulged out in other places.
Long hair filled his vision before a pair of sun glasses appeared on his nose.
Malcolm whimpered a “help me” with an voice that was increasing in pitch before darkness overtook him completely.

“Whoa! You two look banging!”, the college kid named Hank said with a mix of amazement and lust.
The two girls dressed as a pair of cops giggled and struck a pose for him.

“Ladies, I, uhm, didn´t catch your names”.
“I`m Officer Madelyn”, the redhead said, “and this is Officer Samantha”, she said an pointed towards the blonde.
“Great!”, Hank said and rubbed his hands. “Can you girls do me a favour? After when you´ve performed your routine, go find me. Me and my buddy Will here have a proposition to you that we want to offer in private, if you catch my drift”, Hank said and winked.
“It will cost ya”, Madelyn informed him, “but you two looks cute so we can perhaps agree upon a discount”. With that she and Samantha sashayed away into the living room where they were met by the approving roar of all the guys inside.

Hank glanced towards the cop car right outside his house and rubbed the green gem again. Within seconds the two ton car had been replaced by a pink Volkswagen Beetle.
It was like Officer Malcolm and Officer Sam never had been there.


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