The New God VI

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Mike and I flew around for fun for quite some time. Zigging and zagging in and around the building and streets. I still had super-hearing from earlier turned on. I really need to get better about remembering to turn stuff off like that. But I heard a gun battle being waged in a seedy part of town. I looked at Mike with a huge grin.

“Want to go beat up some criminals, sidekick?” I asked. Mike nodded enthusiastically, and I changed his outfit to one that was similar, but not identical to mine. I had a lazy-eight infinity symbol on my tits, Mike’s had the infinity smaller and off the the side like the logo on a polo shirt. He had no cape, and the outfit was a bit less flamboyant. I didn’t want any confusion as to who the heroine was and who the sidekick was.

“I’m Miss Infinity, you’re Impossible Boy. You’re strong and invincible, so be gentle and don’t kill anybody.” I told him. We flew in hot. It was a crack house under siege by SWAT. The gang was fighting back with automatic weapons fire, and the cops couldn’t get close.

I threw Mike in through the fifth floor window, and I landed by the front door. I grabbed the door and ripped it off it’s hinges, tossing it aside like kindling. The thugs inside unleashed a torrent of gunfire on me, but the bullets just squished against me and fell to the ground at my feet. Each hit felt like a gentle finger poke. I let one come at me with a knife, which shattered as he tried to stab me with it.

I raised my hand to him, putting my index finger and thumb together, and gave him a gentle flick on the forehead. The man was vaulted into the air, flying a dozen feet back into the far wall, before falling unconscious on the ground. The thugs on the first floor, immediately dropped their weapons and put their hands up and walked outside to surrender.

As they walked by, I affected them with my power to ensure that they would tell the police about every crime they ever committed or knew about, and would testify in court to that effect. I also made it so that from that day forward, everytime they had a violent thought, they would become a little bit more female.

I did the finger flick thing on the 2nd floor as well, putting the same confession rule on them, but instead, I made it so that when alone with other inmates and out of view of cameras in jail, they would each turn into beautiful, mute women, so that they could not call for help as their cellmates used them.

I repeated the pattern, changing the punishment just a bit on each floor. Mike was much rougher with his batch. When I met him on the 4th floor, he had evidently punched out each one. Rather too hard. A few were in critical condition. I healed them, and applied my punishment and sent them on their way.

As we walked out, there were throngs of people with cellphone cameras. The cops drew arms on us and ordered us to surrender. I simply smiled and made their guns fall apart in their hands as if they’d been disassembled for cleaning. I introduced us as Miss Infinity and Impossible Boy, and we flew off.

Mike and I landed a few blocks away, my power ensuring nobody would notice us again. I turned us back to our normal unpowered and male selves.

“Why are we stopping? That was fun!” Mike asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to do it too often. Being a superhero or geopolitical do-gooder is something I rejected early on. It’s a never-ending responsibility. Let’s do something else. Let’s get laid.” I said.

Mike smiled. “You could get really huge this time and leave me normal sized. Like you’d be 100 feet tall or something. Only maybe you could give me some power that made me able to pleasure you at that size?” Mike said, expectantly.

“No, I mean, nice thought, and maybe we’ll do that, but I’d like to get laid as a guy right now.” I said looking at him.

“Woah, woah! I am not cool with you turning me into a chick and fucking me! That’s your thing, not mine!” Mike said defensively.

“I wasn’t talking about you. I was actually kind of thinking about Mary.” I said. Mary Johnson was a pretty girl in my chemistry class. She had long brown hair down to the small of her back. She was very pretty, and always smelled so nice. And so smart. I admit, I had a little bit of a crush on her.

“So you’re going to superpower rape her?” Mike said.
“Is it rape if she wants it?” I asked.
“If you MAKE her want it, you mean?” Mike answered.
“Okay, you made your point. What if it’s not really her? Or if its just a dream?” I said suggestively. Mike looked at me quizzically.

I teleported us to a private room, there standing in front of us were Mary Johnson, and Petra Van Hausen, Mike’s crush. Petra and Mary rushed across the room to each of us, hugging and embracing us, as if reunited with long lost loves.

“What? What did you do to her?” Mike asked, seemingly about to get angry.

“Neither of these girls are really Mary or Petra.” I said. “They’re perfect duplicates. Just like the duplicates I sent to school for us, their minds are based on the minds of the real girls. But I just created them from nothing. And I modified them in one very important way. Mary 2 loves me more than life itself, and Petra 2 loves you the same way.”

“These girls will be with us until the real ones fall asleep. At that time, the real ones will dream exactly what just happened, complete with the emotions of loving us. Oh, and I gave you and Petra a little extra gift you might like.” I said, and teleported them away.

I turned my attention back to Mary. We kissed gently at first, getting more and more into it as we went. I had turned my sex superpower back on, so I was inhumanly good. I wanted Mary’s dream of me to be sensational. With just kissing and sliding my hands over her, I could tell Mary was being driven wild with excitement for me.

Mike and Petra on the other hand had just appeared in an open field with freshly mowed grass. No one was around. Petra and Mike began making out. Mike wondered what I’d meant as he leaned over a bit to meet Petra’s lips as she stood on tippy toe.

Mike had fantasized about this forever. Petra was so beautiful and kind. Mike didn’t want to blow it, he was afraid to touch her breasts or ass for fear of offending her. Petra seemed to sense his reluctance, and grabbed his hands and slid them up to her breasts.

As Mike played with Petra’s boobs, she began removing his shirt, and then he removed hers. They embraced again and began kissing. But wait..he noticed Petra’s lips were at the perfect height now. Was she standing on a rock or something?

Meanwhile, Mary and I had made it to the bedroom. She disrobed, standing there in nothing but her panties. They were slightly see through with frills and a little bow. She had an amazing body. She played nervously with her very long brown hair which covered her perky breasts.

I walked over to her, and finished disrobing myself. I had returned to the enhanced me from when I did Miss Huxley. My 10-inch cock sprang out as I dropped my underpants. A broad smile came over Mary’s face as she reached down and began rubbing it.

“So big.” she said. “You’re going to have to be gentle with me.”
“Don’t worry Mary, I can absolutely guarantee that you will enjoy this. I am skilled beyond my years.” I said, massively understating what was about to happen.

Back in the field, Petra and Mike now laid on the grass. Mike was on top of her kissing her nude body up and down. Lips, chin, neck, boob, nipple, stomach, legs, inner thigh, and back again. Petra just laid back and imagined what was coming. Her love for Mike was intense, and his affection was driving her wild.

When Mike came back up to kiss her lips, however, he noticed something strange. He couldn’t reach from his current position. His knees hadn’t left the spot where they’d been before when he kissed her. As he looked more carefully, he realized, Petra was bigger than him. Not by much, but she was undeniably taller than him, now. Petra seemed to notice too.

“Are you getting smaller, Mike?” she asked in her adorable accent.
“Or you’re getting larger. That might be why he sent us to this field. So you could get big. Really big.” Mike observed.

Mike adjusted his position and went back to kissing Petra, excited by what was coming. But what if Petra wasn’t into it? What if Petra thought him pathetic for this fantasy? He need not have wondered long. Petra was still getting larger, or him smaller. It was had to tell which since the changes were slow, and the field lacked much in the way of reference points.

By this time, my face was buried between Mary’s legs. I had already made her cum twice, and she was getting close to a third. “OHHH!!! OHHH!!! YOU’RE AMAZ—OHHHHHH!!!!!!” she screamed and writhed in ecstasy as I gave her the first squirting orgasm of her young life.

But I had no intention of stopping there. I went back up to start kissing her again, letting her bask in her afterglow for a bit while warming her back up. As always with my sex superskill, I did things almost unconsciously. Instinctively. Things that evoked huge reactions from her despite me having no idea why.

Once she was warmed up to the satisfaction of my skill, this time, I gently pressed outward on her thighs, indicating she should spread even wider. She did. I slipped a pillow under her butt, I’m not really sure why, but it seemed important. I conjured a bottle of lube in my hands and wetted down my cock before sliding gently into her.

“Nnnnh” she said, as she seemed surprised at the sensation. “Am…am I your first, Mary?” I asked.
“Yes.” she said. “Derek and I never went past second base. I wouldn’t let him.” Derek being her boyfriend who I hated. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he was dating the girl I has a crush on, so of course I hated him. But now she was here with me. Loving me. Fucking me. Cumming for me. Well, it was sort of her.

I started slow, letting her get used to the feeling. She was tight. But she was also insanely wet and ready. I upped my pace gradually, careful never to bottom out on her cervix. She began moaning rhythmically in tune with my moves. “Tell me if it’s too much.” I said.

“Too much? No! Faster! More!” she prodded.

Mike had figured out what I had done for him and Petra. She now towered over him as if he was a small child. A small child in all but one respect. Mike’s cock was growing proportionally with Petra. In fact, perhaps even a tad FASTER than she was. It was now the equivalent of a rather large dick relative to her size despite the fact that if the pair were standing, Mike would barely clear her knees. This did mean his cock was becoming an uncomfortably large share of his body weight.

But they weren’t standing, Petra lay on her back, spread eagle while Mike knelt at her crotch, his tiny head buried in there as he licked and sucked her clit. A clit that was as large to him as a cock. It’s not that Petra’s clit was proportionally any larger, it just grew along with her.

Petra was getting fantastically strong as she grew. Her every movement shook the ground, and tossed Mike around. She moaned “Yes! Oh, I love my little man!” and to him it sounded like she was using a megaphone. But all of this just excited Mike more.

Just as I had gotten excited by the feeling of power earlier in the day when I used him as a masturbatory aid, Petra was feeling the same, I had made sure she would. But Mike got off on the reverse. He loved feeling powerless before Petra and myself. That the woman in front of him COULD do anything to him she wanted, that he was totally at her mercy, but yet, that she loved and cared for him enough that she was like a tamed beast.

Mike was too horny. He couldn’t wait any longer. Besides, in the last few moments, Petra had grown considerably again. If Mike waited too much longer, he feared that her pussy would be too high up for him to reach. He grabbed his massive member with both hands, struggled to lift it without falling off balance, placed the tip against her and pushed with all his might. He drove his dick into Petra’s pussy, as deep as he could.

“Ohh!” Petra moaned in satisfaction. “You’re stretching me out so nice!” Her voice was unbelievably loud. Her moans could probably be heard for MILES. She probably didn’t even realize it. Mike asked her to whisper, but she didn’t seem to hear him. Just like earlier. Mike used his entire body to pull back out most of the way, then reversed in and pushed with his entire body to push back in.

Mike was quickly getting exhausted. But it felt amazing. Petra was so tight to him. His entire body was smaller than his cock at this point, and her pussy larger still. He was afraid there might come a point where he wasn’t able to finish her, and that point might be coming soon.

Mike redoubled his efforts. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Dammit, could she just cum already? He wanted to cum so badly, but the effort he was putting in was dousing his urge to cum just enough to keep him in control.

Out. In. Out. In. Petra reached down with her gigantic hands that now dwarfed his whole body, and began working her clit in a circular motion. Mike could see her other hands was squeezing her breast. The entire time, Petra never stopped looking at him. She was wearing this amazingly bright smile. She was proud and happy to be with him. From Mike’s view, he had to look up past the enormous vagina in his face to see her.

“Keep going, little Mike. I am so close!” she said. Mike’s eardrums thumped in pain from her statement. She was so big, that with Mike’s cock in her, his feet were now barely touching the ground. His cock was so much larger than the rest of him, he couldn’t imagine moving it again. But he tried, and to his surprise, he could. Mike knew it didn’t make sense that he could, and assumed that his omnipotent friend was watching out for him yet again.

He went as fast as he could, and a few minutes later, perhaps mere moments before Mike was going to collapse from exhaustion, Petra, so so large she filled the ENTIRE field, began arching her back, moaning loudly, her breathing became erratic. This was the moment. Mike finally stopped fighting the urge to cum, and to his amazement bursts of semen proportional to Petra’s size exploded from his cock somehow.

“YEEEESSSSSSS!!!” Petra screamed. The wall of sound crushed Mike’s eardrums, and, he thought, should have rendered him deaf…again. Only this time, they didn’t pop. Another gift from me.

Mary meanwhile had lost track of the number of times she had cum. My superskill was relentless. And I could go as long as I wanted with it in place. My self control was perfect. I finally elected to come inside her in a beautiful simultaneous orgasm.

As we laid beside each other, I asked her “Tell me something about you that nobody knows.”

“Easy. I’m bisexual.” she said. I practically choked in shock. “Is that a turnoff for you, my love?” she asked.
“No. No, it is not.” I laughed. “What kind of girls do you like?”
“Ummm, I don’t know. I haven’t been brave enough to tell anyone. I just know I like both. I guess, I think I would like a girl to still be taller than me, like a man would. But I want her to be very feminine. Not butch. Busty, curvy, and so forth.” she mused.

I couldn’t help but smile as I turned myself into my standard busty girl form. “Like this?” I asked.
“Yes!” she exclaimed. “You’re beautiful.” And we began kissing again.

Petra was holding Mike’s giant, but now flaccid cock in her giant hand. Mike’s tiny body attached to the base. Petra put the thick, limp member in her mouth, sucking gently. Petra’s giant eyes looked right at Mike’s tiny face as best she could. Petra was enormous. Proportional to him, she was still smaller than I had been, but not by much.

Petra turned her human dildo around and began kissing Mike. Her lips dwarfed him. And yet she kissed him tenderly, emotionally. His giant cock was fun, but she really loved HIM. Petra kissed, and fondled the tiny man until he began getting hard again.

Mike had no idea where the blood for this erection came from, or where the prior erection’s blood went, nor the flood of semen he had ejaculated. He was quickly getting into the idea that I often took care of such details, and he just needed to enjoy the ride.

Petra worked her clit with one hand, and fucked herself with the Mike-dildo with the other. Petra had to hold him by the cock, his body was too small, and too fragile to hold with her powerful fingers. It wasn’t long before they both came again.

Mary loved exploring my female body. She seemed astonished that natural breasts this large could be real. She kissed up and down. We weren’t preparing to go too far. We were both pretty exhausted from fucking earlier, but Mary was exploring another woman’s body for the first time, a major opportunity for her.

Mary and I laid there just holding each other afterwards. Petra held Mike in her hand at first, but satisfied, Petra began shrinking back down, as did Mike’s cock. It took almost 15 minutes before the two normal sized lovers could just lay there holding each other like Mary and I were.

Mike looked around and saw that the field was ruined, riddles with huge divots, and depressions from Petra’s immense weight and power. He chuckled, and she asked why. “I just noticed that we fucked so hard that we altered the landscape.” Petra laughed with him.


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