Smile More

Morning came, and Stan opened his eyes. He stretched, waking from a half-drunk stupor from last nights events. He was quickly startled, though, seeing his partner Mark standing by the doorway. He was somewhat more startled to find that he had been sleeping with headphones on.

“Damnit, Mark, what are you–” He choked a little, realizing his voice was off. “What’s wrong with my voice?”

“We made a few modifications to your body suit, Stan. We know about your ‘side project.’ I can’t believe you thought you’d get away with leaking those codes.” Mark stood in the doorway, calm, not menacing. “So we are making sure you’ll never do anything like that again.”

Looking down at himself, Stan realized what was wrong. He had a woman’s body. Long silky hair, smooth skin, two perky breasts and a vagina completed the package. Stan was horrified. He screamed.

“Screaming won’t do anything. We are in my private estate, we had to bring you out here to have time to work on you. You turned out quite well, if I say so myself.”

“Burn in hell, Mark!” Stan stammered.

“I think you’ll also find that with subliminal messaging, we’ve also managed to hypnotize you. We haven’t tested it out yet, but maybe we can try it now. Jessica, sit up straight.”

Stan felt his muscles moving without him having told them to. He then found himself sitting up straight. “Jessica!? What sick crap is this?”

“I’m tired of all the negativity. Jessica, tell me positive things your breasts, and how good they feel.”

“My breasts are beautiful, soft, and big. They feel very sensitive when I touch them…” To his horror, Stan couldn’t stop talking about his breasts until Mark told him to stop a few minutes in.

“Wonderful. It looks like the hypnosis worked. Jessica, strip sexily for me.”

Again with the involuntarily muscle movement. Stan could feel himself dancing to a silent rhythm, swaying his hips as he slid his shirt and night pants off his womanly body. He did some twirls and gyrated, looking at Mark. It disgusted him.

“I can see that you aren’t enjoying this, that’s a good thing. Jessica, I want you to get increasingly hornier the more I tell you to do things.”

Fuck me, thought Stan. I’m powerless here. “Fuck you, Mark. Stop calling me Jessica!”

“Jessica, your name is Jessica. It’s a pretty name, and it suits you better now than Stan ever did.”

Jessica had to agree with Mark. Jessica was a nice name, and he was glad to have it. Still, he wished Mark would stop messing with his mind. He started feeling tingly all over.

“Jessica, put these panties on.”

Jessica did what Mark asked him to again. He slid the silky panties up his smooth legs, which felt reaaaally nice for some reason. He felt like he had butterflies in his stomach.

“I want to be a guy again, Mark. Please help me do that.” He managed between short breaths. He didn’t realize he was slowly panting.

“First things first, Jessica, stroke my cock.”

Walking over to Mark, Jessica had almost had enough. He reached into Mark’s loosened pants and found his cock quickly, and then started massaging it. He longed to have his own cock back, but, he thought, maybe this will do. He had to lean against Mark’s chest as he was still breathing more heavily now. A small moan escaped his lovely lips.

“Jessica, you should really smile more.”

Jessica felt a grin creep across his face, and he felt that his pussy was now soaking wet. He didn’t even realize that he’d been running his leg against Mark’s until he said something. Small gasps escaped from his pretty lips onto Mark’s neck as he continued to feel the stiff member in his hands.

“I can give you release, Jessica, but the final decision is yours. I won’t make you, I promise. If you want, I can make you into a woman permanently, all you have to do is ask.”

Mark smiled at Jessica, who was clearly torn. He could feel Mark’s precum on his dainty hands, and right now he wanted nothing more than to satisfy this full-body craving. “Fuck… me…” he whined into Mark’s ear, his teeth nibbling at his love gently. It was involuntarily.

Mark grabbed Jessica’s waist and leaned her back onto the bed, taking his own pants off in the process. He then entered her fresh pussy and slid right in. Jessica squealed in delight and gasped as he went deeper into her. She grabbed her own breasts and rubbed them as Mark began to pound into her.

“Jessica, you’re a real woman now.”


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