Womanly lessons (Request @Roaster)

Hannah had enough with her 16 years old son Philip. First she finds an enormous collection of porn on his computer so she confiscated it. When she thought it will take care of the problem she found under his bed a few photos of naked women. “That’s enogh!” Hannah Stamped her foot in anger. She called her son for a long talk. “Young man. Those pictures are disgusting and disrespectfull for women. It shows them as weak and submissive while in reality it’s completely diffirent. You give me no other choice but to teach you how it really is to be a woman” Hannah said and took an old book in her hand. She chose one of the photos and put it into the book. Then she started to chant some words Philip couldn’t understand. When she finished, Philip looked down and saw a pair of big breasts, showing off nicely thaks to the deep cleavage. “Tits! I have tits!” Philip shouted. “And not only that. Your whole body is female” Hannah said. Philip inspected his body carefully. His butt was round and firm. His hips much wider than before and his hair long and soft. When he saw his face he immidiately recognized it. It belonged to one of the women from his pictures. “But mom, why did you change me” Philip asked. “That way you will learn some respect for women. I’m going to show you all the aspects of it. We start with clothing and look. Then mannerism. In a few weeks your period will come so you have some time to prepare and i will help you go through it. Finally you will learn how to seduce men. You may think women are weak but we control men not the other way. You will learn how to please a man sexually so you can warp him arond your finger” Hannah said. “Mom please don’t make me do it. I will never again look at naked women just please turn me back” Philip pleaded. “It’s too late. Now come, the first lesson is about to start” She said grabbing Philip’s arm. Philip complained while his mom dragged him into the bathroom but Hannah didn’t listen to her son’s whining.


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