Wizard’s curse

“Mmmngh. Walking for miles with you in that get up Korey sure is making me horny.” Yrill said.

“Korgoth cannot help that this is all he can wear.” Korgoth/Korey replied in a low sultry voice.

“Still pretending you’re still male? I don’t know when we’re going to find a wizard as powerful as that last one to turn you back. Maybe if you hadn’t been quite so hasty to slay him I could have found a way to get him to turn you back.” Yrill said.

Korgoth/Korey frowned.

“Gods, you’re even sexier when you pout.” Yrill said, “That’s it. drop to your knees and help me get some relief.”

Korgoth stopped walking and dropped to his knees, he glanced up and down the empty road, they were miles from anywhere, but still he felt so exposed. His inner warrior cried out at that almost as much as what he was about to do.

“Korgoth thinks you are taking advantage of wizard’s mind spell.” Korgoth said as his rogue companion stripped, revealing his erect cock. Korgoth resisted the urge to lick his lips, but felt the by now familiar feeling of his body warming up.

“You mean the compulsion spell that makes you do whatever a man with a boner tells you to? Listen, you’re lucky I’m a kind and gentle man. There’s way worse could be done to you. Now I wanna fuck your tits, and I want you to enjoy it like when I fucked your pussy this morning.” Yrill said, and he saw Korgoth/Korey’s face flush and the corners of her mouth rise in a suppressed smile.

Yrill didn’t even take her skimpy top off before sliding his dick between her luscious tits and she moaned like he’d penetrated her. He knew inside Korgoth’s mind raged over enjoying being a woman so much. On the outside SHE was just a wanton whore. Yrill knew how he hoped that internal battle turned out.

At the rate they were moving, pausing ever few hours to fuck, Korgoth was going to have a lot of time to get comfortable being Korey.


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