Maid for this

Tommy was in a tight spot. He lost his job at the firm and he got a divorce. Things looked bad for Tommy until he say online jobs for maids $1,500 a week. Tommy couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Tommy went in for the interview and we went great. “Ok Tommy everything looks good now you need your uniform.” The woman grabs a tight cute maid outfit. ‘You gotta be kidding me? Im a guy!” “Are you sure?” Tommy looks down and notices that he has breasts and his ding dong is gone. “What the..?” “You see Tommy we only hire girls so thats why you are a girl but dont worry you’ll like it enjoy.” Tommy started working the next day. The first week was rough but as more time passed Tommy enjoyed being a cute maid. He could move a lot better and he felt great all the time. And then he experienced being a girl the first time. One of his clients offered him $5,000 for sex. Tommy couldnt refuse! It was the best time of Tommy’s life. He felt beautiful while having his clients big dick in him. Tommy was now a woman and it was for the better.


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