When the Great Shift landed me in the body of my best friend’s wife, I freaked out. Luckily, Chris had not shifted, so he was able to comfort me, even as he was saddened to lose his wife.

Surely they would figure out a way to reverse this. I hated my new body. I hated feeling and looking so feminine.

But estrogen can change a mind I suppose. Over the course of a year, I finally began to come to terms with the fact that this was me now. At least I ended up gorgeous. And as I explored my new body, I found some of it’s perks.

Chris and I had decided to live together after the shift. As my mind got used to the new body, I slowly realized what Chris’ wife had seen in him. He was a hunk, and treated her (and me) well.

At first it was cuddling during a movie, then it was a kiss. But things felt so right.

He filmed this little clip of me teasing him before we had sex the first time. Before the shift he had always bragged about being as Ass man, so I knew just how to get him going. The sex was mind blowing. And I’m more than happy to be his wife now.


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