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Sam was a little bit naive about women he was only 16 and never got any further than kissing a girl. Read more

Of all the places I could have ended up at

I was having lunch with my wife, when we felt some kind of energy pass through our bodies. In less than a second, my whole perspective had changed. I was looking through my wife’s eyes back at my former self. “Where am I? what happened?” my former body asked. Having read a lot about the great shift, I realized what had happened, so I pretended not to know what was wrong. “What do you mean honey?” I asked him. “Honey? who are you calling honey?” he asked. “I am Audrey, I am 18 years old… and… why do I sound like a man?” she asked. Read more

Pop A Squat

This is the first time I’ve considered. In the slightest. I’ve never looked back since the great shift. Never. Being a woman has been my new identity and the way I want to live. However, this is tough. Stuck where there’s no bathroom and desperate to pee. Like I’ve been ok with urinating when there’s an actual bathroom with sitting down and all but this is a completely different cattle of fish. Having to pop a squat isn’t ideal. I almost wish my dick was back. I could just stand flop it out and go but hey. I’ve loved every other part of womanhood. Plus, I feel kind of sexy squatting behind a tree like this.

Turned on by Students

Harry didn’t know Ms. Laney Passion was into her students. When the Great Shift hit, he was in her body fingering himself with three nude male students, also football players for the school team, bearing the health athletic naked bodies to him! What was worse, he was turned on by them probably just like she was. Read more

Becoming Stephanie

It’s good to feel comfortable with myself again. After a long process of adjusting into this body I’m able to smile again. I wasn’t always a woman, before the great shift I was a man named Mike. Read more

At the beach

There I was, walking on the beach, with a tiny pink bikini. It wasn’t my first day pretending to be a girl, but that day, I sure hoped it would be the last. Infront of me were Emily and Amy, my best friends. They were unaware that I wasn’t really a girl. Don’t get me wrong, I have the body of a girl, boobs, pussy, long blonde hair, hour glass figure, and sometimes I even have the mind of a girl. Read more

Great Shift: Military Duty

The Great Shift disrupted many sectors and brought many adjustments. The Army was just one of the many areas and none knew it better than Sgt. Patrick O’Malley. Read more

Unexpectedly Happy

The Great Shift had wrecked havoc upon the entire world. The shift only affected people within 10 miles of each other, but the entire world was still left shaking heads. Some people were swapped with their own children, others with old friends, some even shifted into a baby’s body, but most were just swapped with someone who they have never met or seen before in their life. Read more

Rich, But…

Henry wasn’t too put off when he became a rich socialite woman during the Great Shift. He had looks he could get used to, a nice body, money, and friends. However, he soon would find out how he would have to get that money. The woman he became during the shift was a high priced escort. Right now as he was fixing his beautiful hair, there was a ring at the doorbell, as his butler answered it. Read more