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The Rumors are True

“So the rumors are true,” I said to myself, clutching my soaking wet shirt to my newly formed breasts. Everybody around town had heard about the waters in this part of the river. That they had transformative properties. Of course, I didn’t believe them. “But I sure do now,” I said as I looked over my new body, turning to get a good view of my backside.
And what a backside it was! I don’t know how the magical waters decided how my body was going to look, but I had a booty that would’ve had my former body salivating at the thought of seeing it up close like this. And my thighs had filled out perfectly too, giving me massively sexy curves.
Which was great and all, at least I turned out sexy, but that didn’t solve the problem that I was now naked (I have no idea how my swim shorts were able to fall off an ass like mine, but the fact of the matter was they had), with nothing my my shirt, which was now see-through, and my car with my extra clothes was across the street. “Maybe I can wait until nightfall,” I thought aloud. “When it gets dark I can sneak back across the street, and nobody would see me.” It wasn’t a great plan, but it was all I had. So staying in the shade of the trees on the bank, I slid deeper into the water, trying not to make a sound as the cold water sent chills over my nude body.
I definitely believe the rumors now.

How Do They Do It?

“Damnit!” I shouted, my new ass bouncing off the wall of the shower. Again. “How do fat bottomed girls do this?!” I turned around angrily, and my booty bonked into the hose of the showerhead, which knocked all my soaps onto the floor.
“‘Fat bottomed girls’?” said a voice. “Isn’t that word what got you into this mess?” I looked up from the mess on my shower floor and saw her standing just on the other side of the glass: the witch who had cursed me. I had commented on her ass yesterday while at the supermarket, and-wait a minute.
“Your ass!” I shouted, pointing at her rear end and backing myself against the wall, stopping short when my own bottom hit the wall. She turned slightly, giving me a better view of her cute, tight little bubble butt.
“I know, isn’t it great?” she said mockingly. “But I had to put that old thick one somewhere, and lucky for you I didn’t take too kindly to some horny guy calling me a “sexy fat assed babe”, so it’s all yours now!” And with a laugh she vanished, leaving me, and my big booty, to finish my shower.
As I washed my newly lengthened hair I thought “She could have at least given me bigger boobs.”

Leopard Skin is for Chicks

“Honey leopard skin is for chicks, and since you like it so much, and you’re not much of a man anyway, well, now your a chick,” said Diane, Ned’s girlfriend before magically changing him from a dude wearing a leopard skin tank top to a woman with a large butt wearing a leopard skin dress. Read more

Größerer Po

“Mein Gott Kai, warum könntest du nicht nachdenken, bevor du deinen Wunsch aussprichst…” stöhnte Jasmin, als sie versuchte die Hotpants über ihren neuen Riesenhintern zu stüllpen. Read more

Schule der Erwachsenen 2

Sebastian (15) war das zweite Opfer. Er war ein kleiner Rebell und hatte auf nichts Bock in der Schule. Bei jeder Gelegenheit versuchte er zu schwänzen. So auch heute, als er im Sportunterricht sagte, er müsste kurz auf die Toilette. Doch danach ging er nicht in die Sporthalle zurück, sondern legte sich einfach in die Umkleide und schlief ein. Als der Blitz in traf verwadelte er sich in Nelly (16). Auf sein bzw Nelly`s Körper begann zu altern auf etwa 30 Jahre. Ihr Hintern wurde größer und größer. Als Sebastian, jetzt Nelly aufwachte, bemerkte er sofort das neue Gewicht an seinem Hinterteil und fiel vor Schreck von der Bank. Doch er landete sehr weich…..

So Teeny Part 2

“Eee, I can’t believe how small you’ve gotten!” my girlfriend squeed, looking down at my six-inch tall self between her legs. This was her favorite place to put me. I knew that all she had to do was put her legs together, and I’d be squished. I looked up at her face, but my eyes were immediately drawn to her large breasts. I had given her those. Every bit of height I lost only went to making her bigger. She was definitely taller, having to duck under our doorframes now. Her ass had grown, her thighs had grown, and her tits had especially grown.
“Oh, I see you staring at my tits, naughty boy!” she chastised me. “Though I guess I could give you a better look…” She reached down, and picked me up with one hand, setting me on top of her boobs as she reclined back. I could barely keep my balance: it was like trying to stand in a bouncy house. Eventually I fell, smacking face-first into her warm titflesh. I crawled down, eventually reaching her nipple and using it to steady myself.
“OH! Don’t touch that sweetie!” she moaned at me. “You know how sensitive they are.” I rubbed her nipple, and she moaned harder.
“On second thought,” she said, reaching her hand down between her legs. “Keep it up…”

A Benefit

Well, it’s been 3 months since the Great Shift, and I’ve grown to love this body. But I think the thing I love the most is knowing how many guys are staring at my ass when I walk by…ooo he is cute.


When the Great Shift landed me in the body of my best friend’s wife, I freaked out. Luckily, Chris had not shifted, so he was able to comfort me, even as he was saddened to lose his wife. Read more