The chocolates

My girlfriend Emily broke up with me. I entered a state of depresion for weeks. I couldn’t understand why she dumpped me. My friends were worried about me. One of my friends came to see me, he brought some chocolates with him. He said, “Tom, its going to sound insane, but a long time ago, I got these chocolates as a gift from an old friend, they are magic, everytime you eat one and make a wish, it comes true. Since I am happy and I have everything I want and need, I am giving you the chocolates. They are the last 3, make wise use of them.”; I didn’t believe him, so, I decided to wish for something simple but typical. I took the first chocolate and said “I wish I had a million dollars”. At that moment, I remembered I was given a big inheritance by my grandparents, I decided to check my online account, and it was true, I had a million dollars in the bank!.

Without hesitation I decided to take both remaining chocolates at the same time and make both wishes: “I wish to understant why Emily broke up with me, I wish we were still together and remained a couple forever”. I saw a flash of light, I had to close my eyes, when I openned them again, I was at Emily’s house. I was sitting in her living room. “It worked” I said outloud. My voice sounded funny, I looked down and I realized I was in Emily’s body. I didn’t wish to be her! I wish to understand why she dumped me. At that moment I realized Emily had a huge sex drive, I wanted to have sex, and the old me wanted to wait until marriage, what a pussy. Oh well, too bad, I am now Emily, I wondered what happened to the old Emily.

I heard a noise coming from the kitchen, I decided to go check it out, it was the old me, Tom, cooking dinner. I said “Hi handsome”, He responded “Hi beautiful” like if nothing had happened. I remembered my second wish “i wished to be together”. So we are still together, and I understand the problem. I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the couch. I took off all my clothes, and said in a sexy voice “make me yours”. I saw Tom getting excited. I couldn’t wait to have sex him, I pressed my breasts against his chest, and we had sex all afternoon and night.

We love each other, and I know we are going to be together forever.


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