What They Came For

“Julissa, what the fuck?! I’m a… I’m a…”

“A horny girl with huge titties? Yep. You’re not really a ‘Gino’ anymore, are you? You’re more like a ‘Gina’ now, eh, Gina? Ha!”

“Did you use Grandma’s spellbook on me?!”

“Sure did. I overheard what you were talking about with your friends on Skype: You lost a bet, so you told your disgusting friends that they could come over today ad have their way with me… your own SISTER!”

“What?! You… you heard that?!”

“That’s right. I always wanted a sister, you know. We’ll see which one of us your little friends will prefer when they come over. With that body of yours, I have a feeling it’ll be you! Ha-ha!”


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