Poison Ivy’s Victory

“Ha! And they call you the World’s Greatest Detective? You fell for the most obvious bait ever! I didn’t even abduct that little girl! It was just a ruse!” Poison Ivy mocked as she danced around the plant cocoon that encased Batman.

“That plant is my masterpiece. The instant it took you into it’s mouth, the enzymes paralyzed you, and began breaking your body down. Even if you somehow escaped, you’re already broken down enough that you can’t survive outside the pod.” she taunted.

“You can’t really feel it because of the paralysis effect. But by this point, you likely have no skin or muscle. Ligaments, tendons, organs, cartilage will go next. The bones and nervous tissue go last. Don’t worry, your mind will be preserved. Or rather, you SHOULD be worried that it will.” she giggled.

“Soon, the pod will begin building a body back up for you. Bones, cartilage, nervous system, blood and vessels, muscles, skin, breasts, uterus, and vagina. Oh, yeah, you heard right. I am turning you female.” Ivy mused.

“‘Why, Ivy?’ you probably are wondering. ‘Why would you turn me female?’ Maybe you haven’t noticed, but your entire rogues gallery are basically CRAZY. We’re nuts! I mean, really, your main adversary is a deranged clown! Cobblepot is just a short man in a tuxedo. Hell, Nygma is so crazy he literally tells you what crime he’s going to commit before he does it! It’s like he WANTS to get caught!!! They’re kind of pathetic aside from a few of us like myself or Bane. What does that say about you, I wonder.” she continued.

“You might have also noticed that I said ‘female’, not ‘woman’. That’s because you’re not! You’re a plant! And you know what I can do with plants, right? That’s right Dark Knight, you’re basically my toy now!” she revealed, throwing her arms up as if unveiling something.

The pod opened and a mucus covered female form fell out onto the ground with a splat. Batman’s tights and surviving gear drooled after onto the ground near her. The woman was as tall as Batman had been, which meant she was extremely tall for a female. Her breasts were extremely large. Long black hair down to her shoulders. She was quite beautiful. A fact Ivy noticed.

“Hey, plant buddy. I didn’t want her to be prettier than me!” Ivy pouted.

Batman quivered in weakness and shock. “Ah canf thfee! Buwwy!” she tried to speak. Ivy leaned over and kissed Batman gently on the lips.

“What’d you say dearest?” Ivy asked. Batman pointed to her eyes clumsily. “Oh, yeah, I anticipated that. You can’t see well. Here ya go.” Ivy said as she produced a pair of black rimmed glasses and put them on Batman. “I’ll get the eyes fixed in 2.0 of this plant. And your ability to speak will come back in a few minutes.”

Ivy picked up Batman’s outfit and gear. Batman tried to lunge for it, but she wasn’t even capable of crawling yet, much less fighting. Ivy began modifying the tights. She cut off the arms, threw away the gloves, cape, and cowl. She cut and the sewed them so as to tighten them for Batman’s new more slender form. Ivy helped Batman into the lake to wash off the goo, and then into the tights.

“Oh that won’t do. Look at the way your girls are getting crushed! Let’s let them out to play a little.” she said and then but a slit right down through the center of the bat symbol to show off Batman’s new cleavage.

Without knowing why or how, Batman went and got into the Batmobile and began driving. She tried to exert control over herself, but she could not alter her body’s actions in even the tiniest of ways.

Eventually, Batman made a particular left and suddenly knew exactly where she was going. “You figured it out, have you?” Batman said. “Confused? Of course, it’s me, Ivy speaking through you. How do you like being my marionette? Oh, yeah, you can’t reply. Oh well, we’re here anyway.” Batman concluded.

Here, was Arkham Asylum, the prison that held nearly all of Batman’s most dangerous foes. Batman, still under Ivy’s control, snuck inside. She walked right past the guards, who had evidently been bribed by Ivy to ignore her, and soon found herself standing outside the Joker’s cell.

“Joker. I did it. I control the Bat.” Batman said.
“What? Who exactly are you sweetcakes?” Joker asked, almost disinterestedly.
“It’s Ivy. I told you I had a plan to take over the Caped Crusader. I have succeeded.” Batman said.
“Ivy? You’re serious? Your plant sex changer worked? I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. I always thought I’d be the one to finally get the Dork Knight. So why bring him…err..HER, here?” Joker asked.

Batman walked through the jail bars. Her plant nature allowed her to slide portions of herself around the individual bars, through the spaces between them. The only caveat was that the tights couldn’t come. Batman now stood stood naked before her arch nemesis. “Humiliate her. The Bat’s mind is still in here. Make her wish she had never opposed us.” Batman said.

A huge smile grew on Joker’s face. “Of course, I’m already in a relationship, but I’m pretty sure Harley would approve.” he said. Batman walked over to Joker’s cot, laid back and spread her legs. She was already sloppy wet. Her biology was a bit different than a normal woman.

The Joker dropped his pants, exposing his engorged member. “Are you kidding me?” Ivy said through Batman. The Joker had a red, spherical clown nose on the tip of his cock.

“What? I had a little custom surgery!” he said, smiling. The Joker got to work, plowing his cock into the Batman’s new vagina. *Honk* went the tip of his cock. He slid back and thrusted again. *Honk*. And again. *Honk*.

“Dammit, Joker, stop beating your meat!” a voice from elsewhere in the cellblock came. Joker cackled. *Honk* *Honk* *Honk* *Honk* *Honk* *Honk*. The pace was increasing, and Batman’s body shook with his rhythm. Her tits bouncing up and down.

*HonkHonkHonkHonkHonkHonkHonkHonkHonkHonk* went his cock as his pace continued to accelerate. “I should…uhnh…I should warn you, Batsy, the honker isn’t the only…oh so close…isn’t the only mod I made to Lil’ Joker. Here I cuuuummmmm!!!” he said. And in that instant, Batman’s body convulsed in ecstasy.

A electric jolt, perfectly calibrated to hit her nerves and drive her mad with pleasure rather than hurt was rippling through Batman’s lower abdomen. It was beyond ecstasy. Batman came hard in a simultaneous orgasm with her most hated foe.

“Pretty good, eh Batboob? It’s a takeoff of the joy buzzer gag. When I cum, it fires off, pretty much guaranteeing that my girl cums. Harley loves it.”

“That was amazing, Joker. You’re always good for a surprise.” Ivy said through Batman’s mouth again. She made Batman walk back through the bars and get dressed. She then began walking.

The next cell she stopped at belonged to Killer Croc. Croc’s dick was coated with rough scales. To say sex was agonizing would be to understate.

After that, she stopped by the Riddler’s cell. Ivy was disappointed because Nygma kept trying to ask Batman riddles…only with all his blood in his cock instead of his brain, they tended to be lame…barely even innuendo.

Bane beat the tar out of Batman. Ivy kept warning him not to go to far. Batman was to be kept alive so his torment would never end. When Bane kept punching, the female Batman snapped into action, tossing Bane across the room like a paperweight. She bent his arm behind his back as if he were the weakling.

“I TOLD you, don’t do any PERMANENT damage. The Bat is MY toy, not yours, Bane. I am letting to play with my toy ONLY because it serves my purpose, understand?” Ivy told him through Batman’s mouth.

Batman moved on. Ivy forced Batman to give herself to man after man after man. She spent days in Arkham as the institutional fucktoy. Eventually she found herself in the women’s wing. She offered herself to Harley Quinn, the Joker’s beau.

“So, you felt my puddin’s member in your puddin’, eh Batsy? I forgive him. How could I not, knowing how that would hurt you? But I DON’T forgive YOU, Guano Girl. I’ll hafta teach ya a lesson.” she said in her obnoxious accent.

Harley then raised her hand, and finger by finger, made a fist. She grinned evilly. Ivy made Batman lay on her cot and spread. “Nah. Wrong side, sweets.” Harley said. Batman rolled over, putting her feet back on the ground and presenting her ass to Harley, who promptly began to stretch her out…not gradually and gently, but painfully and violently until Harley could drive her whole fist into Batman’s ass.

When she was done, Batman walked out of Harley’s cell…but she didn’t walk normally. Soon, she passed Catwoman’s cell. “I don’t get a go, Ivy?” Catwoman asked.

“You’re not really one of us anymore, Selena. You spend as much time with the heroes as with us. Just because you relapsed once doesn’t mean you’re back in the club.” Batman informed her.

“Okay, but you’re underestimating how much pain I owe my dear Batman. I would suggest that you’re not exploiting this to full effect.” Catwoman said.
“Go on, I’m listening.” Batman said.
“Letting the Flying Rodent be raped by his enemies is pretty solid work, but the bigger revenge would be to try to get a FRIEND to do it. Imagine if you could get the Boy Wonder to fuck her? Imagine the emotional damage.”

Batman saw exactly what Selena was doing. If Robin knew, he could maybe contact someone to help reverse this. The reason Ivy was so successful was because Batman could not help herself, and no one else knew of her situation. Selena was manipulating Ivy.

“Nice idea. I think I can make that happen.” Batman said. And sure enough, Batman snuck out of Arkham and began driving the Batmobile to the Batcave. Batman’s instincts guided them to the cave. Once there, Batman got out and began walking about.

“I’m sorry, madame, but you are definitely not permitted here.” Alfred said as soon as he saw Batman. Batman wanted so bad to scream to Alfred and warn him. But he was a passenger in his own life now. Batman walked up to Alfred, and blew him a kiss.

Of course, this kiss was really just a means of delivering a powerful pheromone cocktail. Alfred dropped his tray he was holding. A crazed look of lust came over his eyes. Batman went over to a couch, pulled off her tights, and spread eagle.

Alfred was old, but skilled. He had almost 6 decades of experience in how to please women, and even as crazed as he was, his habits as a considerate lover served Batman well. Batman wasn’t disappointed as Alfred brought her orgasm after orgasm before he even put his cock in her.

“You see, Batman, the pheromone forces a man to fuck you until either it wears off or his heart gives out. I don’t know who this old man is, but based on your emotions, he’s close to you. But I’m betting he won’t make it.” Batman said to herself.

Sure enough, as Alfred came, after hours of intense involuntary sex, Alfred’s heard exploded, and he collapsed on top of Batman. Batman, against her will, took the body and casually tossed it down into a deep part of the cave, out of sight. Batman got dressed and sat on a couch. She waited patiently.

As expected, Robin showed up. “Bruce?” he asked. Batman’s heart soared. If he could recognize her… But no, he had only reacted instinctively to the Bat symbol on her melons. Robin quickly slapped his mask on. “Uh, sorry, miss. I…uhhh…how did you get here exactly?”

Ivy wasn’t leaving anything to chance, Batman blew him a kiss, infecting him with the pheromones. Robin stripped quickly. “Holy horse-cock, Batman!” Batman yelled, mocking her ward’s own habit. “Now, I know why you’re called the Boy Wonder!” she said.

“It’s also how I got the nickname Dick.” Robin said, grabbing and groping at Batman.
“Your first name is Richard?” Batman, still under Ivy’s control, asked.
“No. It’s Bob. But even as a child, I was better hung than some adult men. So, I got the nickname, Dick. And I only got bigger when puberty hit.” explained Dick Grayson.

Dick plunged his wonder into Batman’s tight pussy. “Uhhh!” Batman groaned, more in pain than pleasure. But whereas Alfred was skilled, Dick Grayson was awful. He had no idea how to ease her pain as he used his giant rod on her.

But he didn’t care. The pheromone was driving him crazy with lust. He drove his cock deep and hard into her. “Oooff!” Batman said as Dick painfully slammed into her cervix. Ivy didn’t want to feel this. She minimized the link between them, thereby restoring control to Batman.

“Robin! Ow! It’s me! Nnnh. It’s Bruce! Ow! Ivy released control. Stop! You’re hurting me, Dick! Ah! You have to get help!” But Dick Grayson was little more than a sexual automaton at this point. Batman tried to struggle, but Ivy had not only left the superhuman strength of this body unavailable, but had intentionally left her weak as a kitten. She likely lacked even the strength to stand.

She would have to wait for the pheromone to wear off. And she would have to endure Dick’s agonizing attempt at sex. The pheromone took a long time to wear off. By the time it was done, Batman laid there, weeping after having been raped by her trusted apprentice, her vagina leaking cum. Robin was exhausted, but being in better health than Alfred, had survived.

“Bruce? It’s really you?” he asked her.
“Yes, Dick. You have to get help. Maybe the STAR Labs team? Superman? Someone has to be able to reverse this. At a minimum, you need to lock me up. Ivy can make me super strong when she wants me to be, and I can pass through prison bars.”
“Don’t worry Bruce, I’ll get that going.” he said and despite the fatigue, tried to stand.

But Ivy had other ideas. Batman was under her control again, she leaned over to Robin, his heart still thumping wildly in his chest. Batman blew another pheromone kiss at Robin. Robin’s cock began swelling again. That wild look began to return to his eyes.

“You didn’t think I could only use that trick once, did you Dark Knight? I’ll keep him raping you until his heart explodes just like the old man’s. In the grand scheme of things, not a bad way to go. But don’t worry, after he’s gone, we’ll go back to Arkham and pass you around some more.” Batman said, under Ivy’s control. Ivy released her again, just as Robin pounced, pinning her down again.

“No! Please Robin, no! Dammit Ivy! Stop this, I’m begging you!” Batman screamed as Robin began raping her again.


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