What is it with the weird questions?

I seriously don’t understand. Everyone acts all weird around me. They keep asking me weird questions like “Do you remember anything?”, “did it hurt?”, or things like “do you like guys now?”, “how does it feel?”. I don’t know what they are talking about. I’ve always liked guys. Sometimes I feel like my friends treat me like one of the guys. Which is weird, especially for a girl like me.

I really enjoy making out with random guys at the bar. Maybe it is because those strangers don’t ask any of those weird questions. I met Tom at a party a couple of weeks ago. But things got weirder when I introduced him to my friends. They started asking him questions, “so… how is Audrey? is she any good in bed?”, “She’s quite a woman, isn’t she?”.

A few days later, I found a piece of paper with my handwritting hidden below my bed. It was a spell. One that was supposed to transform a man into a woman. It said that Andrew would seize to exist, and would be replaced by Audrey. “That’s funny” I said, “My name IS Audrey”. I threw the piece of paper away, dismissing it as something with no importance. Anyways, I just picked up my favorite flower dress and put it on. Today I have a date with Tom, I hope tonight’s the night. I really want to sleep with him.


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