My beautiful girlfriend

As I walked into my apartments I stumbled upon my beautiful girlfriend, wearing nothing but sexy lingerie. She had this look of lust and passion on her face. I dropped my suitcase on the floor and aproached her slowly. I embraced my sexy little girfriend and kissed her on the lips. I love her and I don’t care what other people says.

You see I had been given a lot of shit from my family and friends for dating Erica. It got worse when our relationship got serious and we moved in together. People seem to have problem with the fact that she used to be a man. But they don’t know her the way I do and I can assure there is no trace of masculinity left inside her. She is completely a woman.

When we met she didn’t hide the fact that she was born Eric before she caught the tg flu 5 years ago. After her body transformed from male to female she changed her name from Eric to Erica and begin to live as a woman. I didn’t really care about the small detail. All I saw was a stuning woman and I wanted to meet her closer. Erica seemed to like me so after a few weeks of dating we decided to try being a couple. And it looks like it worked perfectly.

Our relationship is full of love and passion. As I mentioned my friends and family don’t aprove it. They say it’s weird since she used to be a man but they are wrong. It’s thanks to that she used to be a man she knows where to trigger so I can feel the greatest pleasure in my life. The sex is wonderfull and I can’t imagine doing it with any other woman. Sure I was a little bit hesistant when she invited me to her bed for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect but after breaking the ice I found out that Erica is nothing like I ever expirienced.

And here she is today. Standing there, looking incredible in her lingerie. How can someone be so beautiful? It’s really hard to belive she used to be a man. I saw Erica on photos when she was still Eric and I must say the transformation is really unbelievable. From an averege looking guy into such a sexy woman. I admit that it really turns me on so I picked up her small, sexy body and carried her to our bedroom to make love. Erica looked at me with her beautiful eyes and smiled. She looked so cute and feminine when she was smiling. She knew I’m going to make a woman out of her today and just like me she was looking forward to it.


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