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The imp

“Is someone there?” I asked with a scared voice. “I swear I heard footsteps” I whispered. I walked towards the fireplace. A shadow caught my eye, it looked like some kind of small winged creature. But as soon as I fixed my eyes on him, the thing disappeared again. I was scared, I mean who wouldn’t be. I turned around, with the fireplace on my back. And saw the little imp flying infront of me, “I have a gift for you” it said with a double voice. That was the last thing I remember. Read more

What is it with the weird questions?

I seriously don’t understand. Everyone acts all weird around me. They keep asking me weird questions like “Do you remember anything?”, “did it hurt?”, or things like “do you like guys now?”, “how does it feel?”. I don’t know what they are talking about. I’ve always liked guys. Sometimes I feel like my friends treat me like one of the guys. Which is weird, especially for a girl like me. Read more

Oooooh , This Feels So Nice…

There was a potion that I have been working on for 10 years… It was going to make me rich! I had developed a potion that would make you young, the “Fountain Of Youth”… All the tests I had run up to this point had passed. All the tests were on old animals and within minutes , their bodies would literally rejuvenate into their younger selves. One little problem…The test subjects would change genders! I had to try it! I had spent all of my life and savings to develop this…It had to work! I decided that I would be the human test subject. I set up the recorders and cameras to validate my research. I turned them on and then drank the potion…At first, nothing seem to happen…Then I could feel a fire burning in my body. I took all my clothes off…My scalp started sprouting hair everywhere…the hair on the rest of my body fell off. I could feel the swelling in my chest area and my waist was constricting as I had to catch my breath. I could feel my butt starting to plump out. Then.. my face … I could feel my facial structure changing … becoming softer.. The last thing was my manhood. Slowly I could feel it shrinking and regressing back into my body. I sat there panting and cooling off once it stopped. As I felt my new sex, a smile came across my now beautiful face. This may be good after all…

A New Sort of Labour

How could I refuse the offer? An elvish lord traveling through our town, offering a simple labourer like myself a place in his retinue, it was the stuff of dreams. He warned me that it would be different, “My boy, you understand I do not need the sort of labour you are accustomed to, yes?” He asked many questions like this, and said many other things like that, but all I could hear was getting to do one better than the adventurers that would occasionally sweep through the village. Read more

I Can Almost Feel It…

After a long day at work, all I wanted to do was take a long shower. As I walked through the house in a daze, I think my wife said something about her body wash. Not sure what she said. I went in to the bathroom and turn on the shower to get it nice and hot. I stripped down and climbed in and just let the water just run over me. That really helped , I was feeling a lot better. I looked around for some soap and noticed the body wash. “Oh, this is what she was talking about…” I said. Without reading what the bottle said, I put a generous amount in my hands and began to rub it all over my body. “This stuff really smells good!” I said as I continued to rub it all over. I could feel a tingle start to wash over me. It actually felt good! What I didn’t realize was the wash was for women only! It was slowly changing me! As I stood there enjoying the shower, It was enjoying changing me! First, my hair got longer, my legs and arms got slender…My butt and waist began to change, one getting bigger and the other more slender. The tingling continued, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. It was intoxicating!!! Next, I could feel a swelling in my chest area as my breasts began to develop. The last thing to hit me was the erotic tingle I was getting in my groin area. It started slowly , but built quickly….. I can almost feel it as I reached my fingers down there to explore….

Working as a host

To earn some money over the summer holidays I signed up, for an entertainer in a holiday resort. It was a good payed job, and as a host, you normally get to know some girls. What I didn’t know when I signed the contract is that they change every men and women into a perfect shaped bikini girl. I didn´t know how they did it, it was the secret of the company, but next day I woke up as a girl. Read more

Magic Book

My grandpa has warned me about the book. Before my grandpa passed away, he gave me an old book but he warned me that the book have some powerful magic spells.
My grandpa is known in my family as a weird guy. My father once told me that he was in some kind of a cult that does some weird magic rituals. But I never believe in such magic, until.. Read more

Oh Yes, Right There…

My wife and I were getting ready for bed and she said ” Darling, I feel very horny tonight, but let’s try something different though…” I said ” Ok”…this was really getting me aroused. “Here” she said ” Drink this, It will get you all primed for our lovemaking.” I downed the drink. It was kinda like drinking Goldslager. It had a definite kick to it. I could feel the room spinning… My wife said ” That’s ok, it will go away soon…just close your eyes.” with that she started licking and kissing on my neck. She pulled the sleeve of my robe down. Is it getting hot in here??? I could feel myself getting excited and moaning….wait a minute…that sounded like a woman…OMG ,this feels so good…I can feel a wetness…WHAT!!! …Mmmmmm, Oh, honey, don’t stop!!!! I feel a weight on my….Mmmmm, right there…… Oh God, this feel Soooo Good!!!

Envy Skull: In the Office 1

Ryan didn’t know why he put that necklace on. It wasn’t his usual style. He just found it, a chain with a skull pendant on it, lying on the sidewalk, and he decided to try it on. Read more

In Luck…

After the Great Shift happened , I was shifted into a slightly overweight young woman named Emily. I was depressed, mainly because I lost my body forever. I was sitting in the kitchen on the countertop when my GF walked in. She said” What’s wrong???” I started crying and told her about my depression and how I was feeling. She walked over to me and kissed me…I kissed her back. I asked her” Doesn’t this feel weird?” She said ” You Silly!!! I love you ,whether you’re a woman or man” and she kissed me again, this time she ran her right hand in my panties and started to rub my pussy… Mmmmmm. She said “Hush, just enjoy!!!”