Melissa’s Journal

“Okay, okay, I believe you. Somehow, you are my friend Mel. I just…how does something like this happen? I mean you went away to college and come back a smoking hot blonde chick?” Gene asked. This beautiful busty blonde had invited him into her car to talk, and then told him she was his best friend, and proved it by telling Gene things that Gene knew Mel would never tell anyone.

“Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. The short version is that I wanted it, did the research, put in the effort and made it happen.” Melissa told him.

“You wanted this?” Gene asked, more than a bit taken aback.

“Look, I’ve always felt out of place as a guy. I’ve been fantasizing and reading TG captions and stuff like that most of my life. I watch porn, lesbian or straight, and I fantasize about being the girl.” Melissa explained.

“I’ve always been jealous of women. They get to wear better clothes. They get to express their emotions. They get to be kind and caring without people thinking they’re gay or creepy. And the idea of growing a baby inside you, and the closeness with your children just seems so powerful. I feel like being born a guy, I got the short end of the stick, but also the wrong stick.” Melissa concluded.

“You know, now that I think of it, whenever we would play with action figures as kids you always seemed to gravitate towards the girl. Leia, Batgirl, Rogue, Supergirl. We played that Harry Potter game and you actually CHOSE to be Hermione. You said it was because she’s the only kid that actually seemed to know magic, but that wasn’t the real reason, was it?” Gene said.

“Exactly.” Melissa said.

“That still doesn’t explain HOW.” Gene said. Melissa reached past Gene into the glove box, and pulled out a small journal and handed it to him. “What’s this?”

“It’s a journal, day by day, of how I got here. The first half are my notes from the three years I spent exhaustively researching in the university library. Not just the one available to students, but the faculty only one because I became friends with a faculty member.” Melissa explained.

“I discovered ancient techniques, each of which was inadequate on it’s own, but together, combined with a lot of willpower was enough. Meditative techniques from the Indus valley. Herbal treatments from pre-dynastic China. An exercise regimen translated from ancient Incan. A cocktail of venoms from aboriginal Australia. Certain mystical techniques from the religion that evolved into voodoo in the Caribbean centuries later. And alchemical formulae from Albertus Magnus.” Melissa explained.

“I spent no less than 4 hours a day, sometimes much more, meditating, treating, and preparing myself to make this transformation. When it started happening, it took months to complete. The second half of that journal is the log of it once it started.” Melissa concluded.

Gene opened the journal to the second half and began reading. He saw that every day Mel was measuring himself in every dimension, height, weight, chest, waist, hips, limb lengths, limb circumference, dick length and circumference. Gene was startled to realize his friend had thrown away an 8 inch dick. He even bought himself a sonogram machine to be able to look inside himself to some degree.

Mel took pictures of himself daily, and studied looking for changes. Tiny differences were logged each day.

“Day 7, I am using a tighter notch on my belt. Day 12, my stubble from the previous day was barely worth shaving. Day 21, my nipples are prominent and chafing against my shirt. Day 29, I cried today when I saw a little boy lost in the mall, am I getting more emotional? Day 32, I can no longer achieve an erection. Day 44, Have to buy a whole new wardrobe again as I am too short and too slender for even the new stuff I bought a few weeks ago.” Gene said, reading random passages aloud.

“Day 48, I am getting weak. Today, I had to make three trips to bring the groceries in when in the past, I could have done it in one. Day 50, My voice broke today, and I am struggling to sound masculine. It’s embarrassing because I still look outwardly like a short thin androgynous man, not a woman. Day 56, My testicles are finally gone. After shrinking gradually, they were flat out missing when I examined myself this morning, instead, I have a hole where they used to meet my body. My dick looks like that of a pre-pubescent boy, barely a nub to hold between thumb and forefinger when I pee.” Gene continued reading.

“Day 59, my breasts are getting difficult to hide. After growing very slowly, they recently plumped out. With my figure getting somewhat hourglass shaped, it may be time for me to buy women’s clothes. Day 61, Finally broke down and replaced my wardrobe with women’s clothes. The panties are so much more comfortable than my boxer-briefs at this point. Because I’ve been avoiding social contact during the change, it is only my classes that present a difficulty. I used my friendship with Teresa in the administration office to change records, so the professors think I’m a late transfer, Melissa Elizabeth Gray. I’ll be living publicly as a woman from now on, though at the moment, I still look a little butch for a woman.” Gene read.

“Day 68, I find I am enjoying female things. This has actually been going on a while now that I think about it, but I am just noticing how I am keeping a cleaner home, filling it with pictures and knick-knacks. I am reading about fashion and celebrity relationships. I have started practicing with makeup and I find I really enjoy making myself look pretty. I am enjoying girlier TV programs.” the journal said.

“Day 72, My vagina looks complete from the outside, but ultrasound confirms things are still forming inside. Both labia, the urethra, the vaginal opening, even my clit in it’s little hood. I’ll wait to touch myself sexually until things are done. I don’t want to risk my progress.” Gene continued.

“Day 76, A guy complimented me on my beautiful blonde hair today. I practically melted. If only he knew just a few months ago I was a guy with dark brown hair. My bras are getting tight again, and the waists too loose. Time for another wardrobe refurb. I think I’m up to six now. Day 80, Ultrasound seems to show a uterus in there. Hard to know for sure, but I’ll bet I get my first period soon. Better go buy some tampons.” Gene read.

“Day 93, sharp pinching in my abdomen. I feel bloated, which is ridiculous since the new me is short and slender. But it just feels like it. Day 95, FIRST PERIOD! Major milestone, I can really claim to be a woman now, I think. I wonder how many women celebrate their periods, but to me, this is a happy day. However, I can tell that this giddiness won’t last. My boobs are sore, and I feel gassy. I don’t think I put the tampon in quite right the first day and that was a mess.” Gene read, making an ick-face.

“Day 102, Changes seem to be slowing down, which is understandable. I am almost exactly what I wanted to be. Day 104, I’m now at my target height of 5’3″, and most other measures are as well. I think my mind is still changing though. I’ve been finding men attractive for awhile, but yesterday I caught myself biting my lower lip as I stared at a bare-chested construction worker outside my classroom window yesterday. I was really into it. I could feel the blood flowing to my crotch.” Gene continued, raising his eyebrows at Melissa.

“Day 107, No physical changes last few days. Keeping the rituals up just to make sure I’m 100% there. Day 114, 100% physically a woman for weeks now, but I feel like mental stuff is still going. I’m still getting more emotional. My interest in men, in clothes, in looking pretty, in everything girly keeps getting stronger. I guess I need to keep the rituals up until these changes stop and I am at 100% mentally female as well as physical.” Gene read.

“Day 132, I’ve been doing some research into the writings of the Alchemists and some of the ancient Hindi scholars. I think I am going to stop the rituals now as it’s possible I have overshot the mark. While the physical changes are targetted at a specific endpoint, the mental is more pushing in a direction, and I’ve kept pushing past where I should have been. Past the point of a normal woman.” Gene finished.

“That was your last entry. What did you mean.” Gene asked. Melissa blushed.

“I think the journal says it all. I’m 100% physically female. Exactly the woman I wanted to be. But I used techniques to make sure I moved my mind towards femininity as well so that the mind and body would match. Many of my readings made me believe that was important. But the techniques are different, and I didn’t appreciate one of those differences. So I overshot the mark.” Melissa explained.

“What do you mean?” Gene asked.

“I am extra emotional. I’m almost pathologically obsessed with feminine things like, I touch up my makeup way too often, I workout a ton to keep my figure perfect, I groom my hair obsessively. And…I think about men obsessively.” Melissa admitted finally.

“Obsessively? So then…” Gene asked, blushing a bit.

“Oh, yes. I can’t stop myself. I never realized how beautiful boys could be. I feel anxious and frustrated if I go without sex. I …I wanted to wait to come home for the summer and have you be my first, but I just couldn’t. I’m insatiable.” Melissa told him.

“Your…did you say your first? So you want…us…” Gene felt awkward. This was his best friend. His best MALE friend. But there was nothing male about HER. SHE was gorgeous.

Melissa got tired of the explaining, and leaned over to kiss Gene. He left her hanging for quite some time.

“I get it. You can’t stop thinking of me as Mel. I’m still me. I’m just MORE me than I’ve ever been before. I want to be with you, Gene. When I invited you into my car, you got in hoping to get laid, right? So what’s the problem? Knowing how well the two of us get along makes me LESS attractive to you?” Melissa asked, still leaning over to him.

Gene thought about it for awhile. She was leaning more than halfway to him, he could see right down the front of her tight green top. She noticed and leaned a little more to give him an even better view, smiling suggestively.

“I. Want. You!” she said in a whispery, seductive voice.

The painful erection in Gene’s pants finally won. He reached over to grab her shoulder, leaned in, and kissed her. The two of them kissed with intense passion. These were not ‘getting to know you’ kisses. These were the kisses of two people desperate to get to the next step.

Gene grabbed Melissa’s left breast with his right hand, and gave a squeeze. She emitted a soft moan. She began unbuttoning his shirt. She ran her hands through his chest hair. The pair got out of Melissa’s car and went inside, groping and kissing the whole way. The instant the front door closed, Melissa’s top hit the floor.

They moved slowly, alternatively pressing each other against walls for support. By the time they reached the bedroom, both were naked. Gene lifted Melissa off the ground and plopped her on the bed. She was so light, he was amazed. Mel had been bigger than Gene, but Melissa was tiny to him. He climbed on top of her and kissed her all the way down as he moved his mouth to her pussy.

Melissa was dripping with expectation. Gene began sucking her clit and fingering her. She responded powerfully writhing and convulsing in ecstasy. She reached down and rubbed her fingers through his hair. “Mmmm. Yess…more of that. Yesss…Mmmmmm” she kept saying. Melissa came, and came hard.

Gene climbed up on top of her, lined his cock up, and looked Melissa in the eye, as if asking if it were okay. “Yes! Please!” Melissa said, very nearly begging. Gene plunged his cock into her, put his hands under her legs and lifted her abdomen just a bit off the bed. He began pumping into her.

Gene had mastered holding a previous girlfriend of his at the right angle so his cock would stimulate her g-spot. Melissa had never felt this before, and went wild. “Ohhhhhh!!!” she kept moaning. Soon the pair came, Melissa having a powerful, full-body squirting orgasm. “Ohh, wooooowwwww…” she said basking in the pleasure.

Since then, Gene and Melissa have become a couple. Melissa was honest upfront. “I want you, Gene. I want to be your girlfriend, and you are the only man I want to love. But I have this libido…I honestly can’t promise that I’ll be perfectly faithful. I promise to only love you, but I know I can’t stop myself.” Melissa said, ashamed.

Gene accepted this danger. He did everything he could to keep her satisfied, but she wasn’t kidding when she said she was insatiable. Gene simply couldn’t keep up. They came to an agreement. If she needed it, she would always use protection. Second, she would always tell him as soon as it happened. Third, she would never have the same man twice.

Melissa scrupulously stuck to these rules. She loved only Gene. She felt awful that she couldn’t be more faithful, but she needed satisfaction so bad and so often. She offered Gene threesomes or to be with other women under the same rules to be fair, but Gene was tapped out just trying to keep her satisfied, and always declined.

When Melissa gave birth to their first, they found the one thing more powerful than her libido, her maternal instinct. Melissa absolutely lived for their daughter Haley. She actually managed to find a way to pit this against her libido. Whenever she felt about to stray, she thought about her daughter, and the maternal instinct won out.


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