Weekend swap

“I must admit, my sister Cheryl is hot, or should i say i’m hot” Jack tought as he took a picture of her naked body, so he could later gave them as a gift to her boyfriend.

Few day’s ago Cheryl found a magic body swap medalion. When she learned what it can do she told her younger brother Jack and they both decided to swap for the weekend. Jack and Cheryl had a great fun exploring their new life and gender, no wonder they were dissapointed when the weekend ended. On monday moring they have found out they can’t swap back because the medalion was gone. Cheryl was sure she put it in under her drawer but it wasn’t there. While Cheryl searched her room, Jack stood in the doorway with his arms crossed. He tried his best to hide his grin remembering how he took the medalion and “accidentaly” dropped it into the sewer.

When Cheryl didn’t found the medalion she assumed it must have magically dissapear. She apologized to her younger brother that it’s her fault that now they are stuck. Jack pretended to be worried but inside he was happy. He liked her life much more than his and he just couldn’t wait to meet again with her boyfriend, they had some unfinished busines to complete and Jack hoped the photos he took will spice up their little game.


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