Body thief

Marshall was just going back from school, scheduling activities for the rest of his day. There was no homework or any tests upcoming so he had a lot of free time. His plans however were ruined when his perspective shifted. Marshall tried to keep his balance when everything around him was spining, when he was finnaly able to stand still he almost screamed in fear at the sight of his body. Somehow he was a woman now and pregnant as well. Marshall looked around and spotted his body in the distance. He tried to catch up with whoever was in there but the extra weight he was carrying made it difficult to keep up. He had to take a short break before he could continue his chase but it was too late, he lost the track of his body. Marshall wandered around the town hoping to find the person who stole his body, but without any succes. Panting and sweating Marshall sat down on the bench, he was exhausted and scared. Without any better idea he went to the only person who could help him, his mother Linda.

Linda hardly belived in his story and Marshall didn’t blame her. A strange pregnant woman appeared at her house claiming to be her teenage son, whose body was just stolen, probably by the woman. Marshall tried his best to convince her it’s really him, luckily he was able to and his mom took him in. Linda prepared a bath for him, then went to the police station to report her son missing.

Marshall took off his sweaty clothes and entered the bathtub, the hot water let him relax for the first time since the accident. He looked down at his swoolen brasts, touching them to make sure it’s not a bad dream. He stroked his large belly, feeling the baby’s moves, it was so odd. After lying there for some time Marshal struggled to get out from the bathtub and dryed himself, then he went to eat something and watch some tv. He got tired quickly so he went to sleep early.

When he woke up Marshall had a slight hope it was all a bad dream but the weight of his heavy belly blew it away. Marshall looked at the chair next to his bed, with new clothes lying on it. Marshall put on the underwear and then the red dress his mother bought yesterday when she was out. When he got to the kitchen his mom didn’t have good news. The police didn’t have any traces, no witnesses, nothing. She also investigated on her own to find out who the woman is. Judging by her Id card, Marshall was in the body of Jennifer Torslen, 33 years old woman living in downtown. Linda also searched her apartaments for more clues but wasn’t able to find anything besides few scraps of information. It looked like Jennifer was living alone far from her family, she didn’t had a husband or boyfriend, the baby’s father was probably unknown, she worked as a secretary but currently was on maternity leave.
Those little pieces of information didn’t help in finding her so Marshall insisted to go look around the town. Linda told him it’s pointles but Marshall was stubborn. And so the next few hours they wandered blindly around the town looking for Jennifer. Marshall knew they’re not going to find her like that but it was better than doing nothing. When Marshall got tired he sat down and started to sob “I’m never going to get back my body” Marshall gave up on his search. “Don’t worry sweetheart, i’m sure you will. And even if not, i’m here to help you with the baby” Linda comforted her son. “Now come on, let’s go home and get some rest” Linda helped her son to get up. “Do you really think i could make it? I mean if we won’t find her” Marshall wiped his tears. “Of course dear. You’re going to be a great mother” Linda smiled. Marshall nodded and let his mom guide him back home.


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