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My Life As A Giantess

Yeah, that’s me, out for my morning walk through the city. Just a normal girl taking a normal walk. Gotta watch my figure! Nothing unusual at all! Read more

Company at the beach

Marion basked in the warm rays of light from the sun while letting the coolness of the sea hit her body on the beach.
She appreciated how the different temperatures worked her body. It was easy just to concentrate on those feelings and ignore the rest of the world around her, only taking in the sound of the ocean and the enviroment around her.
It was so serene and peaceful that she began to doze off a little bit. Read more

The Captain Says

Somehow the two friends were able to go through a portal into another universe. In that universe they found they were changed as was the world around them. Jeff on the right was now Lt. Alana Jakes in Starfleet, and Nathaniel on the left was now Valaria Lennay, a Vulcan ambassador. Their new captain, Newton Vander, told them to report to the ship for duty, and both buddies were shocked at now being women, and with the new reality around them. They looked really stunned after the captain smiled and unzipped for them briefly at headquarters, telling them they could do a level 1 diagnostic on his tool once they were back to the ship and in his quarters! The two wouldn’t admit it at that moment, but the authority of the captain and his big tool was turning both of them on, and ambassador Valaria wasn’t even experiencing Pon Farr yet.

One wish for his birthday

Tom’s girlfriend had recently found a genie’s lamp, and since it was Tom’s birthday, she decided to give one of her wishes to him. Tom thought about for a couple of minutes, “Ok ok, I got it, for one day I want to be part of the starwars universe”. The genie pointed at Tom and turned him into dust. His girlfriend got scared, but the genie calmed her down, “don’t worry, she’ll be back in 24 hours”. “He, he will be back” she said. “Whatever” genie responded. Read more


If you ever think of trying to steal from the alien you hitched a ride from don’t. That’s what got me in this mess. You see earth is now barren, and humans have been newly introduced into the galaxy. Meaning that we’re actually the aliens, and exotic ones at that. I’ve been drifting for the last few years before I hitched a ride on a freighter to one of the nearby moons that I had heard was looking for miners. And in a fit of hunger I might have taken some food that wasn’t mine, but actually belonged to the ships captain. Well needless to say I got caught, and I had one of two choices. I could have gone to one of those moons as a prisoner for the rest of my life, or I could go through a reassignment. I didn’t really want to go to the mines to begin with, so I went with reassignment. Although now I probably would’ve taken my chances with the mines had I known what that meant. Reassignment means you get turned into a female counterpart of whatever your species is based of your genetic code. So now after my “reassignment” I’ve been released to the custody of the ship captain I stole from, and am now his personal “Pleasure Officer” as you can see right now he’s having his fun with me before he sends me to attend to the other guests on the ship. He’s definitely got his full payback.

Pussy Tremors

Grant had pussy tremors after being changed to a woman for breeding by an alien race, that appeared human but wasn’t! The alien seed had strange effects on Grant in his new female body, one of which was a prolonged intense orgasm lasting five minutes! His tiny new body would soon expand however, as he had not one, not two, but eight alien babies inside him now!


“Okay…so let me get this straight…” a soft voice emitted from a rather young man bound up by the wrist by some yellow glowing halo like object while trying to sit up properly on the uncomfortable brick flooring by the pool, “Y-you are an alien…not here to destroy the world, recon, or even do diplomacy…your just here on vacation!?” The soft voice of the young man turned raspy as he screamed at his Milf of a neighbor Rebbecca sprawled out on her back in her underwear no less on top of her chair. Sighing loudly from having to hear this kids question over and over again in different forms. Read more