I had just started classes at a new college. I had no friends yet. On my first class I met a beautiful blonde girl. She was smart, and hot. But the weird part was nobody would talk to her. I don’t know why everyone just appeared to ignore her. I talked to her, she was funny, and I could tell she enjoyed talking to me.

After class, I invited her some coffee. One classmate yelled “cursed!”. That pissed me off. “Shut the hell off!” While we were having coffee we connected, we talked for a long long time. “Not many guys talk to me. They call me witch, they make up stories about me” she told me.

Afterwards, I walked her home. “do you want to come in?” she said sexily. I sure wanted, but I didn’t want to make her think I just wanted to sleep with her. “Thanks, but I would rather date you more than just have a one night stand”. That just turned her on. “Don’t be silly” she grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me inside, she took me upstairs to the attic. “I’ve always wanted to bring someone here, but before you, I had no friends”. I sat on a white couch that was there. Look, I will be right back, make yourself comfortable.

I waited for 5 minutes or so. I just rested on her couch. The place started to feel really hot, so I first unbuttoned my shirt a little. But after 5 more minutes I was sweating, I took my whole shirt off. “Jane! please it is too hot in here!” I yelled. She came back to the attic, she was wearing only her jeans. She had the most beautiful breasts I had seen up to that day. She was holding something shiny in her hand. She pushed me back to the couch, and kissed me, I was too distracted to notice what she was about to do. I just felt a pinch on my belly button. “What the?” I said. I felt my stomach burn, and a few seconds later the pain spread through my whole body. She continued kissing me, trying to distract me from the pain. “Please stop” I said. I looked down and realized, my pennis was gone, my bodyhair had evaporated. I had the body of a woman. “why? please let me gooooOooOO” I felt her fingers go into my new pink pussy. The feeling was amazing. she kissed me again, I kissed her back. I wasn’t thinking straight.

After cumming all over her hand, she licked her fingers, and then said “the transformation is complete. They used to make fun of me, but now that I have a sister, no one will make fun of us. Welcome to the coven sister”. It wasn’t much of a coven, it was just her and me. “I love you” I said. Afterwards we had sex using some toys she had lying around.

She was right, instead of one witch at school, there are now two of us. While my sister Amy might’ve been afraid of using her powers against our classmates, I wasn’t. They were now afraid of us. No one made fun of her or me ever again.

Ohh and by the way, after I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that although Amy’s breasts were sublime, mine were even better.


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