Slow day at home

Idling at my computer, generally just messing around. It was a slow day and I had decided to keep it that way.
When I browsed the net for funny pictures my conversation bar began to flash. Somebody wanted to start a chat with me.
Clicking the bar the name “Sandra Cromwell” appeared. The hot girl from work? Why did she start a conversation with me? Could it be…?
Regardless of the reason the outcome could only be good.
So I accepted the convo.

Her webcam was up and running. Hmm, wow. I´ve never seen her in casual clothing before She looked really good in that too.
“Hello Richard”. Her voice sang out from the speakers and filled out the emptiness of my room.
“Uhm, hello Sandra. What can I help you with?”
“Yes you can, Richard. It has come to my attention that you have certain assets that I`m in need of”.
Work related. Bummer. I had hopes for something different.
“Sure. What do you wanna know?”, I replied.
She smiled like a chesire cat now. “I´ve heard that you are quite well hung and you would be perfect candidate to fill up my wet snatch”.
If I had been drinking something at that moment that would have erupted in a fountain of liquid from my mouth.
“HAHAHAHA! Gotcha man!”, she laughed in a way I could recognize anywhere.
“In the flesh. Well, almost. I´ve got hold of Sexy Sandra´s flesh. But it is me inside”.
It felt strange not hearing Sandra speak with her usual professional vocabulary. At least it made her more human.
“Did the necklace really work?”
“Of course it did. Would she have contacted you otherwise? No, she wouldn´t”, Kevin stated the latter part matter of factly. He wasn´t wrong. She was beutiful, smart and succesful. Me myself was a couple of tiers beneath her.

“Now what?”, I asked, “can I use the necklace too?”
“Of course you can! But I need you to help me with one small problem first of all”. She..err..he…she…seemed more serious now. “I didn´t joke about the first things I said to you. I feel all sexed up and I really, really want to release the tension and see how it feels from the other side. These breasts alone make me so damn horny already”.

Not missing the chance of my lifetime I rushed to the car and arrived a cople of minutes later at her apartment.
We fucked like rabbits the whole weekend. Sometimes even with me in her body. I can tell you that nothing beats a female orgasm.


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