Alien Invasion

I feel kind of bad to say it. I really do. That’s honest. But I’m glad this happened.

Aliens from a hostile planet far away were invading. They had no luck with defeating the human power and spirit. The planet Earth is extremely strong when everyone works together. The aliens were most definitely on the losing side until they did something which was never seen before. It was so outlandish even a top science fiction fan couldn’t believe it. The actions had scientists baffled around the world.

Aliens had made significant learnings about us. They knew the way our body, society, governments and everything else worked. They saw that females were the weaker sex and were a sexual object to many. They knew that men being the leaders of the world would go crazy in a woman’s body which would make the planet fall apart. Via deploying gas, the entire plant was fumigated, feminising all.

I will never forget it. I was sleeping and my radio was always on. Tuned into an informative news station. I awoke to it blaring and voices screaming. “THE ENTIRE WORLD IS FEMALE!” I laughed. What a stupid idea. Definitely a joke. But I heard my laugh. It was high-pitched, completely unfamiliar. It was no joke I was a woman.

I knew I had to accept it. The entire world had to accept it to. None of my clothes would fit. I was a slim fraction of my former size. It was very hard going to find clothes. Not many shops were open. Those that were open were selling out. I was lucky enough to find new clothes. One set of clothes in fact. A bra, lacey black panties and a dress. I didn’t want a dress but it’s all they had. I also managed to get a pair of wedges which also wasn’t my choice it was just what was left.

Time passed, the world fell apart. Suicides were higher than ever. There was unrest in the streets. The governments of the planet was in shambles. The humans lost the war.

The aliens assumed the role of a leader to all. They put out authoritarian representatives around the world to control the population. They made new requirements. All women must live as women, meaning makeup, skirts, heels, pantyhose and so forth were the norm. When that was announced I knew for certain that my manhood was definitely gone for good.

We all had to hand in our male possessions. These were all reproduced to female counterparts. For my entire male wardrobe I was given entire wardrobe of female clothes. Not to mention the many pairs of shoes. The clothes were all feminine and some quite sexy.

I always wore the most girlish clothing I could. I was too afraid of the aliens. I didn’t know what they would do to me. I even wore make up and shaved my legs and other body hair constantly. However, soon I was doing this via my own choice. I liked wearing skirts. They were really cute. Make up made me look pretty. I’m a girl and I’m gonna act like one.

So, I’m glad this happened. I think I may have found my true form.


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