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After some more grinding, I stood back up, smiled at him and walked back to the booth my sister was in.

“I saw that you’re having fun, Charlotte!” She smiled at me. “And who was that hunky guy you were grinding against.

“I don’t know,” I said. “It was just for dancing and some fun. I’m still attracted to women you know.” As I said that, the guy who I was dancing with came up to me.

“Hey, I never got your name earlier!” He said, putting his arm around me.

“Oh, I’m Char-” My sister interrupted me before I could say my real name.

“She’s Charlotte!” My sister yelled. “You guys looked like you were having fun!”

“Oh we were,” he said. “And I hope we could keep having more fun out of the club.” My sister suddenly got a huge grin and pointed her finger at me. As her hand lifted up, my heart sank again. This could not be a good sign. My mind started to feel fuzzy again. After it cleared up, I noticed something. All the girls in the room that I knew were very hot, I didn’t find attractive anymore. However, I started to really notice all the guys. Especially the one with his arm around me. I noticed his strong arms, his muscular build and the noticeable bulge in his pants. I wanted it all.

“She’s all yours.” My sister said smiling at the man. He simply smiled back, grabbed my hand and led me out of the club. We walked down the street to a nearby hotel room. He closed the door, looked at me and smiled.

“What do you want to do,” he said slowly walking up to me. I looked down at his crotch again and smiled, biting my lower lip. I started to push him back onto the bed. As he laid down, I unzipped his pants and out sprung a huge cock. It looked so good in my tiny and feminine hand. I bent my head down and started to lick the cock, going from the shaft to the head, over and over again. Eventually I couldn’t take it and put the cock into my mouth. It felt so right. I sucked on the tip, getting every bit of pre-cum I could. I bobbed my head up and down, getting every inch of cock into my small mouth. He let out small moans and muttered my name a few times which really turned me on. After what seemed like an eternity of heavenly cock sucking, he started to cum. It filled my mouth and my stomach. It felt so good, doing all of this.

As I licked the last bit of cum off of his dick, my mind started to go fuzzy again. All of a sudden I was very much aware of what happened. I just sucked another mans dick, but I was a man! I realized that while I was doing this, my dress came off at some point. I started to freak out. I stood up, breasts jiggling for the man to see. I quickly put the dress back on and said I had to go.

“Well I hope to see you again soon then,” he smiled at me. I quickly left the hotel and headed back for the club.


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