No more pretending.

Everybody was surprised when Matthew came out and said that he was going for gender modification surgery as he was one of the biggest ladies man in the company usually having two or three women on the go.

But he explain to them that he had come to the realisation that he could no longer kid himself and pretend that he was happy
when he was always jealous of the beautiful women that he hung around with.

That he had always dreamt of being a woman and he could no longer hide his true self from his friends and family.

They were even more amazed when he turned up 4 weeks later as a beautiful woman.

The women in the office were supportive and happy to help him and curious to know what it was like for him going from man to woman and how he was coping with the finer points of being a real woman and was it as good as he thought it would be.

The men on the other hand could not understand why he wanted to be a woman.

Why he wanted to have a period and have to sleep with men and to run the risk of getting pregnant.

They could not see any logic in his decision but they had never been like him trapped in the wrong body ashamed and embarrassed to come out and show your true colours.

So they would never understand what he had done but he did not have to please anybody but himself and he was more than happy being a woman.

Finally feeling like he belonged in his own skin enjoying every aspect of womanhood and ready to start his new life as a strong independent woman and his true self.


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