Women by Catalog

Year 2869, the human race is almost extinct due to the acute shortage of biological females, so that the world government decided to create a process that transformed some men to women.
At first, they were volunteers, but when they are over, things got worse, began using college students with low rate. This got worse when the private industry began to smuggle with men, to transform them into women, by catalog for the richest men on the planet.

At first, you couldn’t know, which woman was biological and which was created in the laboratory, but soon, due to the improvement of the process of transformation, women created were increasingly perfect, bigger breasts, waist smaller , smoother skin …..
Women created by the private sector doesn’t any limitations imposed by the world government so men with enough money, could have any kind of woman, no matter how strange they were their tastes.

Knowing this, i introuduce you John, well her name is Candy now, she has been the latest creation of WomanbyCataloge SL I bet her future husband will be happy with the result.

(This is my first caption, i hope you like it and i also hope that English is not too bad)


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