Upload 2

It’s been a seven days since my sister turned me into a sexy girl. Besides the very obvious and already large breasts, what makes things worse is that my mom is totally okay with it. She thought it was great that she now had two daughters instead of a daughter and a son. She calls me Charlotte like my sister does and knows it bothers me. I was just about to upload another photo to Facebook when my mom stopped me.

“Charlotte, I’m grounding you from all social media!” My mom said to me.

“Mom, please don’t call me Charlotte! I’m a guy!” I said to her in my feminine voice.

“Oh sweetie, guys don’t have perky breasts like you do. You are a woman now.” My mom told me, gesturing to my breasts.

“Also, if I can’t upload a photo of myself, my… you know… will grow bigger!” I said, pointing to my chest.

“Oh, I know sweetie,” my mom said with a grin. “I know.” She handed me a bra that was a cup size bigger than me chest. “You will need this in a moment, Charlotte.”

This was horrible. The clock was about to strike midnight and I can’t access social media to update my photo. Once the clock hit twelve I felt a feeling similar to when I first transformed. My breasts started to jiggle and grow larger until they stopped at a cup size larger than before. They were so heavy now and even more noticeable than before. My mom saw me.

“Oh Charlotte, you are so well endowed now!” She said, cupping my now huge breasts. “It’s time to put on your new bra and model for me.” My mom took me into her studio and had me take off my shirt and pants and told me to put on the new bra and thong she gave me. “You hair is too short though, but I can fix that.” My mom called for my sister. “Honey, can you make Charlotte’s hair longer?”

She came into the room. “Yes mom, of course!” She pointed a finger at me and my hair grew down to my mid back.

“Oh she looks beautiful, thanks honey!” My sister smiled at me and left the room again.

“Mom, these things are way too big,” I protested to her. “Please, I don’t want to model for you!”

“Hush Charlotte. You are an attractive well endowed woman now whether you like it or not. If you open your mouth in protest again, I’ll have your sister increase your curse to a photo a day, and by the looks of it you might not be able to handle another increase in your chest.”

And with that I went silent again and struck a sexy pose for my mom to take pictures of.


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