Richard was highly dissatisfied with how his wife was acting.

Before the Role Exchanger had floated through town, Richard had been a big macho truck driver and his wife Helen a sexy hellcat in bed. When the RE stuck him with his neighbor’s hot body, a full rack of tits, and not only Helen’s pussy but also her sexual inclinations, Richard decided to just roll with it and get on with his new life. He even kept his old job: it wasn’t easy driving a big rig in his new body, but he persevered. And when he came home after a dusty week on the road, he needed some lovin’. Helen, however, kept shying away from him like a little girl despite the hulking, muscular male body that she’d gotten from the RE.

“Okay Helen, enough is enough” Richard said, putting his hands on his curvy waist. “I’ve been stark naked and flashing my tits at you all day, but you’ve been avoiding me. You won’t even get a boner. Meanwhile, I’m all hot and bothered, and I want you to man up. Why are you crying? Why won’t you tell me what’s going on?”

Helen dried her tears and replied: “You’re incredibly attractive, dear, and I want you. But the RE…you see, the RE gave me the body of a grown man but the cock and balls of an eleven-year-old boy! I’m only half a man; I’ve been hiding because I’m ashamed to admit it to you: I can’t get it up!” she cried.

Richard embraced Helen’s ripped torso and brought her head between his tits. “Now I see what’s been bothering you,” he said, “Don’t worry: I bet that in a year or so you’ll hit male puberty and be unable to keep that cock DOWN! In the meantime, would you mind getting down on me for a little licking and fingering and suckling, honey? I’m so wet, and I need a little somethin’ before I head back out on the road tomorrow morning.”

Helen surprised Richard by grabbing him and carrying him upstairs to the bedroom. “That I can do,” she said confidently. “I know intimately what satisfies a woman. And in a year or so, I will give you a proper fucking: just you wait.”

Richard smiled. “I’ll wait, honey,” he said.


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