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Not As Bad as I Once Thought @katie47

The light passed over me as I was running I screamed as it hit me. The moment the light left me I suddenly I felt like I weighed a ton. I only was able to take 3 or 4 more strides before I was winded and had to stop I made my way to the nearest wall and collapsed against it. As I sank I Looked over my new body fearing the worst and the worst is what I found. Before the Role Exchanger hit I was a near perfect specimen of manhood I was a Football star and was going to be drafted in to the NFL, but form the look of me now I might be lucky to win the biggest loser. Because Not only am I over weight but from the looks of these tits and long hair I’m also some chick. It took a while to catch my breath but I was finally able to stand up I made my way to the nearest bathroom. All around me there was screaming and shouting as people switch place with one another I walked calmly though the chaos. I knew on the inside that I should be freaking out I should but for some reason I was just chill like nothing was phasing me at all. If I being honest it is kinda weird. I get to the bathrooms and start to make my way into the woman’s bathroom like it was no big deal.
As I walked in the was a guy sitting on the floor staring down at his empty crouch repeating to himself over and over again it’s gone it’s gone it was there and now nothing. I felt sorry for him but now was not the time. The moment I looked in the mirror I know exactly who I trade bodies with Ashley Snow. A sophomore in the Sigma Alpha Sigma sorority house. If I remember correctly she was a twig during her freshman pledge but imminently after she was in she seemed to balloon out. I think I might of gotten some of her memories in the swap beacuse I now know the reason she or I say I am still in the sorority house because I have blackmail info on the Head of the sorority. I leave the Bathroom and head to the sorority house. There is still chaos even knowing that the Role Exchanger has long since passed.
I make my way to the house and up the stairs. I make my way inside my new room and set a full length mirror, and I take off my clothes and settle into my new memories and my new life.

Honeymoon Role Exchanger

Ron and Elizabeth’s honeymoon didn’t go as planned. Standing at 6’4″ tall and weighing about 350 lbs, Ron was always the biggest person in any room. He looked like a lineman or some child’s fantasy idea of a Norse king: bright red hair, a big beard, and an enormous voice. When he was around, there was no doubt who was in charge. His new wife, Elizabeth, was no dainty woman herself at a full 6′ tall and matronly plump and curvy. Read more

Role Exchanger 1

Jörg rannte die Treppe hoch, als er den Schrei aus dem Zimmer seines Sohns Dominik (7) hörte.
Als er oben im Flur angekommen war, blieb er stehen und musste staunen, was aus seinem Sohn geworden war. Der Role Exchanger traf seinen Sohn und tauschte erst den Körper mit der 70 Jahre alten Nachbarin Frau Schmidt. Als Nächstes tauschte er das Gesicht mit seiner Mutter Judith (35). Und als Letztes tauschte er das Alter mit dem 25 jährigem Paketboten, der gerade vor ihrem Haus hielt. Das Ergebnis war eine heiße Brunette, die nun den Flur hinunter auf Jörg zu lief. Read more


“Twelve thousand dollars,” said the man sitting on the bed behind him. Jack carefully studied his beautiful reflection in the mirror before replying. Read more

I, um…

“I, um…I’m just not used to seeing my own cock from this angle, sweetie,” Patrick said, touching it and wiping his mouth. “Don’t rush things, I mean after all the Role Exchanger is bound to come back.” Read more


“Mmm,” John murmured, hungrily licking the throbbing cock in front of him. His roommate Caleb moaned in joy: that roving Role Exchanger thing had not only enlarged his dick but had also transformed his roommate John into his very own busty, lusty, and submissive girlfriend. For the past five days he’d gotten a blowjob from this hottie—Caleb loved his new life. Read more


“Wait a second,” gasped Arthur as his wife Liane stroked his pussy. She halted briefly. “Seriously, I just need to know something,” he said, putting his new delicate hands on her face and her waist. Read more