Flight School

Andrew and Max wanted to fly. Specifically, they wanted to fly fighter jets, such as the F-16. Unfortunately, Max’s arrest record meant the Armed Forces wouldn’t take him, and Andrew was near sighted. He did, however, own a spell book. Andrew had a plan–enlist him and Max as chicks, the theory being they could use their looks to help get in, at least. They knew it was a dumb plan, yet through hard work they managed to make it in.

Melissa was noticing some changes, though. Her mind was getting foggier and foggier—not in the way that she couldn’t remember anything, but in that she couldn’t remember before the spell. Andrea didn’t seem bothered, but she was. Especially when they went to the bar for drinks and ended up picking up a guy and she’d…..given him a blowjob in the bathroom. It seemed like their minds were changing, and he wasn’t happy.


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