Unbearable Curse

‘What can I do?’ thought Kyle, now Kayla. ‘I have to find that witch, to lift me of this curse. I can’t live like this!’

That’s when his friend David arrived to his place.
“Kyle, what happened to you?” He asked seeing the gorgeous brunette, struggling not to look at her breasts. “You didn’t explain well on the phone”.

“Well, I found a book of spells in the attic, I tried some out of curiosity and they turned out to work! After a while though a real witch broke in my house man, cursed me for abusing of magic and left. I need to find her and undo this curse, I can’t bear it!” Said Kayla almost desperate.

“Of course man…” Said David. “I mean, it mustn’t be easy being turned into a girl…”

“Actually, I turned myself into this awesomely perfect girl that I am now” Said Kayla proudly.

“Oh. I didn’t know you… You did a good job… Well… ” Said David a little bit shocked. “Then I guess being forced to go around topless it’s quite a torture for you.”

“Well no. Actually I’m topless because I like it, it’s a nice lifestyle when you’re this hot.” Said Kayla teasing David a bit.

“Excuse me, then what is that curse you got?” Asked David even more confused.

“The jeans! She cursed me so that on my bottom I can only wear jeans! I want to flaunt it in many other outfits, but I can’t this way! You have to help me!” Said Kayla, leaving David completely puzzled.


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