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Not bored anymore (request for @MiraMinx)

Anthony was feeling a little disappointed. It was the third week of the last summer before he started his senior year of college. It had not been a bad summer and school was going well, but another summer stuck in his boring home town was not exactly his idea of exciting. Every single person over 25 he ran into could not stop blabbing on about how “these are the best times of your life” and “make sure not to waste your youth, once you get a job and a family you can’t go back”. At times Anthony had to force himself not to roll his eyes. Read more

MAU explotion: old soldier

Grant was on his way home from the grocery store. Grant was a wwII vet and he was respected by everybody and he were often thanked by strangers for what did. Grant lived a good life though with the occidental stress flashback to the battle ground, but other than that he was happy. Suddenly, a big explosion happens in the city and a huge shockwave spread through the streets. This was done by a mau overheating and exploding. Randomizing peoples mind and body, and grant is no exception, when the shockwave hit grant his old body hit the ground.
When he got up he felt weird like he had more energy more life, he looked down and saw that his skin wasn’t wrinkle it was young. He saw his reflection in a window he was young again, but he noticed that his clothes had also changed. It was like that of a young woman. A shoulder less top leather pants and high heeled shoes and a lot of accessories. But it was too small for him. Now grant felt his skin burn, as all his body hair disappeared leaving behind a smooth feminine skin. He heard his bone crack as they reshape themselves to make a more feminine body type, but now the clothes are not that tight but a bit too loses, spatially around his cheats, hip, and ass.
Butt his face felt like it was going to melt off, but it was changing into a more feminine shape, and full of makeup. He saw hair in his face, it was growing down to his chest area and tuning into a hassel nut color. As tried to walk he quickly fell as his center of gravity had changed with two full breasts growing on his chest filling out the top and bra completely. He tried to get op but fell backwards landing on his now much bigger ass, softening the fall he looked down and saw that his crotch was completely flat he tried touching to make sure, but as soon as he touched it he felt a jolt of pleasure cursing op to his brain giving him a massive headache, but a couple of seconds later it was over. He got op and noticed that he felt comfortable in the high heels and walked perfectly. Read more

Unbearable Curse

‘What can I do?’ thought Kyle, now Kayla. ‘I have to find that witch, to lift me of this curse. I can’t live like this!’ Read more

Damn Heels

I’m coming I’m coming, these fucking Heels are impossible to walk in, I’m going to break an ankle. Read more