Best friends wife

Three months ago I was a man and now I am my best friends ideal wife. I am a little curvier than I wished I was but it’s what turns Lance on so I accept it as part of my punishment.
I borrowed a large amount of money from him in an attempt to save my business and agreed to become his ideal woman if I failed to repay him and when I couldn’t, I accepted my fate, drank the gender transforming elixir and became a housewife and soon to be mother of his child.
I am becoming much more comfortable with my new body. I love the soft curves of my hips and tits and seeing Lance getting aroused my sexy femininity turns me on. Just a little jiggle and wiggle will have him all up in my business and have me moaning and quivering in ecstasy in no time.
He loves knowing that I’m pregnant and teases me about how big my boobs will get, it’s a little scary but exciting as well.
After just three months I can barely relate to once being male and now I am meeting him at the door wearing his favorite outfit and my nipples are tingling with anticipation


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