15 years old Steven was an only child so when his mother announced she’s expecting he was more than happy. Steven promised his mom that he would help her durning this time no matter what’s need to be done. His mother Lindsey used his enthusiasm and with the help of her grandma’s medalion she performed a body swap spell so he would take her place for a short time.

At first Steven was excited to expirience pregnancy. He watched as is mom’s belly was growing week by week with the baby inside. However after some time Steven was getting worried. It’s been seven months already and he was still in his mom’s body. Whenever he asked her about swapping back she always told him the same thing “Soon. Just a little bit more”. Sure Steven was willing to help but it was taking a little bit too long.

Lindsey didn’t want to keep it this long. She wanted to swap back after a few weeks but unfortunatly she lost the medalion somewhere, leaving Steven trapped in her 35 years old body for the rest of his life.
Steven was doing a great job living his mother’s life, but he hoped they would change back soon. Poor boy was unaware that he would be the one giving birth to this child and raising it as a mother.


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