Aunt Judy’s me

“Aunt Judy?!?” Ed with trembling voice shouted into the phone.

“Yes, I’m Judy, but who’s calling?”

“It’s me Ed.”

“Nephew Ed? But why do I hear the familiar female voice?” With sleepy voice asked Aunt Judy.

“Look at yourself in the mirror Auntie, you will understand…”

Aunt Judy got out of bed and stood in front of the mirror… “Oh my god I’m you!!!” shouted terrified. “But how is that possible?”

“I do not know aunt. I woke up in your body, sexily dressed, with a bouquet of roses on the nightstand”

“Oh my God. Today our anniversary…. I mean, mine and Uncle John” Aunt Judy reminded just why you went to bed in sexy lingerie. “I do not know what happened, but you have to pretend to be me, Ed! Uncle John can not find that we exchanged the bodies”

“But how? I will not have sex with a man! Especially with its own uncle!”

“I know… I will try to find a solution as soon as possible, but this time, pretend you’re me”

“let it be Aunt…”

Ed did not know that Uncle John has planned a weekly trip to the seaside. He would have to pretend to be his aunt Judy at least a week. And worse, pretend to be a good wife.


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