Great Shift: Still much to learn

The Great Shift switched the bodies of 93% of the planets popualation, causing a massive disturbance in society. The world was slowly coming back onto its feet.

Kids still in school was switched into bodies of adults, which was unfortunate in many ways. The worst part was that they had lost several years of their life, another was that they lacked the education that they were supposed to have at their current body´s age.
An extensive program was created to rectify this.

Meet Joe Hammond. Half a year ago he was an 12 year old kid, nowdays he is in the body of a resident that lived near his school at the time of the Great Shift; Sofia Garcia, a 23 year old woman working with in an office.
Both of them swapped bodies with each other, something that made their transition into their new life so much easier. Even though Sofia had become a small kid she still could handle her job, Joe on the other hand still had much to learn, so the school sent him back into the class room.
Joe liked it way better now than before, he was one of the bigger kids in class, and everyone was nicer to him. Of course he knew why, Sofia had told him, and he made sure it would stay that way thanks to a couple of pointers from Sofia.
Todays`s lesson: Spanish language. Joe felt victorious. This class would be so easy!


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