Two points of view

I don’t know what he did to me, but I am sure 10 minutes ago I was a woman…. I mean a man… And now, I am here, sitting down on his couch, wearing no pants, holding my ponytails up. Hoping for him to catch my drift, and come here and make me his. I don’t care who I used to be. All I want is to test my new body. I can only imagine how good it will feel. What is he waiting for? does he expect me to beg?

I even sent him a sexy kiss, and all he is doing is looking at my naked pussy? Why doesn’t he get naked and shove that dick inside of me?


I can’t believe he drank my potion! I was supposed to transform into a sexy blonde. Those pony tails she is holding up were supposed to be mine! that sexy pussy! mine! I spent lots of money on this potion to have it wasted on my friend!

I can’t believe it, she even sent me a sexy kiss. I guess she is already forgetting who she used to be. I bet by now she’s expecting me to sleep with her. Well, if I can’t have that body, I guess I can have her.


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