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Two spells later

“Don´t look so suprised. You should have figured it out yourself what would happen when I asked for your permission to improve you”, Steve grinned from ear to ear after having transformed James into a hot babe. Read more

Candy 5

After having transformed my friend into a girl with a pink candy, and having sex with her, she told me she wanted to stay as a girl. I knew it was the candy speaking, I mean, she is a straight girl because that is what the candy does, change your gender and preference. Read more

Taking advantage – Part Two

Fuck I must have been exhausted from last night. What was it? Five days of fucking Hannah, my highly obedient sexpot. I felt on top of the world.
I groggily opened my eyes. It was so cold so I must be naked, nothing unusual from the rest of the week. I also felt drained, weaker somehow but that can be the marathon sex sessions finally taking its toll. I might cut down on the penetrating sex and have her blow me instead. I reached down to my cock and was about to play a little with myself before calling in Hannah to take care of me, but the only thing I could find was a void.
My blood rushed inside of me and I was in an instant wide awake and immediately found out why my dick was gone.
I had become a chick!
Fuck. How? The medallion. Of course. The medallion. There could be only one culprit.
“HANNAAAAAAH!”, I shouted from the top of my lungs. Read more

The best of two worlds

Henry was furiosly stomping up the stairs in his now much bigger body. The sound from the impacts reverberated in the house, both alerting Darren about his arrival and of his current mood (which was pissed). Read more

Two points of view

I don’t know what he did to me, but I am sure 10 minutes ago I was a woman…. I mean a man… And now, I am here, sitting down on his couch, wearing no pants, holding my ponytails up. Hoping for him to catch my drift, and come here and make me his. I don’t care who I used to be. All I want is to test my new body. I can only imagine how good it will feel. What is he waiting for? does he expect me to beg? Read more