Turn you Straight 3

“Oh God!” I moaned as Jess pumped his dick into me over and over, no longer doubting his correct orientation.

His muscles tensed, and I could feel his dick throb with excitement within me. He looked into my eyes as he moaned, “fuuuuuck”, and came.
I’d gone beyond the barrier with him, with my Jess. I’d loved her as my girlfriend and almost more as a brother, but had now crossed a line. I worked so hard to change his life for the better that I realized I might have been changing myself the whole time as well. Now, laying next to him, seeing his still-hard member, and still feeling all the emotion I’d felt in that synchronized moment, I begin wondering if I should stay like this?

“Chris?” Jess said.
“Do you think this means you could be my girlfriend?”
“Heh” I giggled, as I leaned forward and took his dick in my hands.
“Only if it means I get to fuck you like that at least twice a day” I said.
He laughed, and as his dick started to grow again, I knelt down and wrapped my lips around it, slowly first, pulling it in and out of my mouth.
I could get used to this, I thought, as we spiraled into a sex-crazed afternoon.


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