I’ve been a nurse in the intensive care unit for a decade now, and I thought I had seen everything. People shoot themselves with nail guns, break bones trying to be acrobats, and lose all sorts of objects in their anuses. Of course, there are also the people who are actually sick.
He said his name was Jason, though he could barely get any words out. He was sweating and shaking and coughing. We got him a bed as soon as we could and started to run some diagnostics. It was difficult though because he was thrashing and writhing around like he was on fire. His temperature was through the rough, his heart was beating double time, and his breathing was ragged. I had to get the two male nurses on the floor to hold him down so that we could do a blood draw and run some tests.
While we were waiting for the lab results, I had to see to a couple other patients, but I dropped everything when I heard a shrill scream from down the hall. The odd thing was, it sounded like a women, but there were only men in that end of the hall. Knowing how much Jason was suffering, I popped my head into his room. What I saw completely shocked me.
I could barely recognize the young man I had admitted. He had stripped off the standard hospital gown and lay in the bed completely naked. He was covered in a slick sheen of sweat and looked like he had lost as much as thirty pounds. It almost seemed like his waist was caving in before my very eyes. Wet hair was matted to his face and neck, though I could have sworn he came in with a buzz cut. His heart monitor was beeping at a furious pace, and I could smell vomit in the room. “Jason?” I said.
He turned to look at me, and his face seemed somehow altered. Perhaps his cheeks were sunken to make his cheekbones seem more pronounced. Oddly, despite his obviously awful condition, his face seemed almost radiant – smooth complexion, shining eyes, plump red lips. But then another jolt of pain coursed through his body, and he emitted a shrill scream. A woman’s scream.
That’s when I noticed what had been bothering me most about Jason’s appearance. His penis was gone. As a nurse, you get used to the site of people’s genitals. So I hadn’t been at all shocked by the sight of a vagina between someone’s legs, but this someone had been 100% male when he arrived. Now I understood what was so odd about his appearance; he was getting more and more feminine every moment.
Just then, Jason clutched his – or technically HER – chest. Despite her efforts to restrain them, large breasts were swelling beneath her shrinking hands. Hair continued pouring from her scalp as her hips and butt rounded out. As the changes finally slowed, Jason’s attempts to stop her breasts from growing changed as well. Dainty hands with long nails began groping and rubbing her new tits, and then one hand began snaking down to the pussy which had blossomed between her legs. Jason’s heart was still racing, and she was soon screaming again, but this time they were screams of pleasure. And plenty of other nurses were poking their head in to find out just what was going on.
The lab is still trying to understand the strange compound they found in the young man’s blood. Jason is still under observation, but she prefers to go by Jasmine now. I’ve also had to add a few new reports to her chart: bruises from rolling around on the floor, and irritated skin around the genitals from excessive friction.


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